An (almost) Box HIt Insert...

It's the final Friday of the fall 2012 semester for me.  I have three classes to teach today, a pair of study sessions to run tonight, and then three finals to give (and grade) early next week.  Once I post my students' final grades online, I'm done for about three weeks.  You better believe I'm excited!  So excited, in fact, that I'm going to open another pack of cards from the 2000 Skybox Metal box.

Pack 24:
14.  Jason Varitek
17.  Mo Vaughn
61.  Charles Johnson
95.  Lee Stevens

Who?  I know most of the players from the turn of the century but I can't say I know much about Stevens.
117.  Ray Lankford
148.  Fernando Tatis
160.  Chris Widger
190.  Rusty Greer
210.  Prospect:  Kevin Barker

10 of 10 HM.  Heavy Metal:  Vladimir Guerrero

Are there any Guerrero and/or Expo fans out there who would like to trade for this card?  I know that I'm not particularly interested in keeping it!  The Heavy Metal cards are a fairly difficult pull (1 in 20 packs) which makes them slightly more common than one-per-box.