Retro Rules! All Others Drool!

The 2001 Upper Deck Vintage set has a couple of inserts that are seeded 1:15 packs.  The next pack out of the box features one such insert.  Will it live up to its (relative) scarcity by being totally awesome?  Let's find out.

Pack 07:
48.  Bartolo Colon
71.  Chris Richard
254.  Robb Nen
258.  Jeff Kent
If you think you've seen this card before, you have. It's the second time I've pulled Jeff Kent out of a pack from the box.  Unfortunately, the next card (Jimmy Anderson) is also a duplicate.  That brings my total number of doubles in the box to four and we aren't even a third of the way through the box.
317.  Jimmy Anderson
334.  Ben Petrick
347.  Orioles rookies (Spurgeon, Brea, Casimiro)

373.  A.L. Division Series - Game 3 (Rickey Henderson)
399.  AL Wins Leaders (Hudson, Wells, Pettitte, Martinez, Sele)
R14.  Retro Rules:  Brian Giles

That's right.  The Retro Rules cards are seeded 1:15 packs and they are basically more boring than even the base cards from the set.  I like the fact that the insert features a Pirate rather than the usual Yankees or Red Sox, but otherwise...meh.