Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tribe Cards Delivers: Part IV

This is the fourth (and final) post that is a direct result of a semi-recent trade package from David over at Tribe Cards.  If you missed part III, you can find it here.  Now, let's get on to the final few cards - and yes, I've saved the best for last.

It's all Barry Larkin from here on out!

We begin with a card that I already owned (in fact, I've even written about it as part of my Barry Larkin Collection): 1990 Score.

This was the ninth card in my collection - a collection that is rapidly approaching 200 different cards (and I remind my readers that there are a couple hundred Larkin cards at least that I haven't had a chance to do a write up for yet)!  Although this card has been on my radar so to speak for quite some time, I still think it's a nice looking card (though I also still wish the border was some other color combination besides yellow and green).

The next Barry Larkin card in the trade package was another one that I've already written about - this time from the '95 Topps set.

I've scanned the back of the card because that's where this card is see the red line of statistics is mostly fake.  That's right, Topps faked the ending of the 1994 season via computer simulation and then made a bunch of inserts for it's '95 release using the faked data.  Who knew Topps would make something up?

While the first two cards already resided in my Larkin Collection, the next four are all new (which is awesome)!

We begin with a 1997 Pinnacle card.

My '97 Larkin Collection is severely lacking - to date I only have five different cards from the year - and if you think there was only five Larkin cards issued in the heyday of parallels, inserts, and other craziness - well, you'd be wrong!

Even worse than my small '97 collection of Larkins is my 1998 collection.  That year numbers a whopping total of two currently.  Thankfully, that number will increase by 50% once I get around to writing about this gorgeous Stadium Club card.

Heading back in time a bit, I landed a '94 Fleer Ultra card which shows Larkin turning a double play that includes Bonds being out at second.

How can you not love that?

And last, but certainly not least - the "oddest" of the Larkin cards from David:

It's a checklist (the other side shows Mo Vaughn but no one cares about him).  Actually, the checklist highlights the two MVP's from the previous season (those being Larkin and Vaughn of course).

Thanks for the great group break David!  I highly enjoyed sifting through all the cards - and getting some more new Larkins for my collection was the icing on the proverbial cake!


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