Sunday, May 19, 2013

Know What Makes Me Happy?

Last night, I posted what makes me a bit sad.  Today, let's move on to things that make me happy.  As I alluded to yesterday, completing sets makes me a happy person.  It is, after all, the main reason why I began this blog a few years ago!  It's also what keeps me blogging day in and day out still today.

Well, here's something that makes me happy:

Yep - another Check Out My Cards purchase.  This package is actually a large yellow envelope that will help me knock off a substantial number of cards from my want list (14 in total I believe).  In addition, I was able to acquire another TWO of my Elusive Eight cards - which means soon I'll have to add a couple of new cards to that list as well!

I have to sort and organize the contents of the envelope still, but when I do you can expect that I'll have a full breakdown of all the goodies here on my blog!  Stay tuned for that in the upcoming week.


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