Monday, August 12, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #3 - Boxloader & Packs 1 - 8

I'm going to do something different this time and increase the pack total to eight packs per post.  In that way, it'll only take me three posts to get through a full box.  If that's too much typing/scanning I'll scale back for the next box.  We shall see.  However, this post gets an extra scan because I start with the boxloader.

Box Topper:

This is my second Wonders of the World card - and at least the photo is quite a bit better than the first card I pulled.  Victoria Falls is part of the Natural Wonders subset (along with the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest, Aurora, and Paricutin Volcano).

Pack 1:

We begin the box with a Palaces & Strongholds card of Peterhof Palace.  I think it'd be awesome to visit all the various Palaces in this set...I think there are one or two that I have been to but most of them I have never seen (or even heard of in some cases)!

Pack 2:

This pack had a The First Americans card of the Pueblo in it which I like but I decided to scan the Grand Central Terminal because I LOVE stuff like this in the regular base set.  I greatly missed the super oddball stuff in the some of the recent years so I'm happy to see Topps returning to their roots so to speak.

Pack 3:

This is a pretty gruesome card for a pack of baseball cards, don't you think?

Pack 4:

It's a bit odd that I have yet to get an A&G back short print (seeded 1:65 you'd expect one by the third box).

Pack 5:

Two good cards in this pack.  One was a One Little Corner card of Makemake.  The other was a black bordered mini of Brett Lawrie.  I scanned the slightly rarer of the two.

Pack 6:

The first hit out of box #3 is my second Braves' relic of the case.  This time, it's a much nicer framed relic of Tim Hudson (and I like the dark blue).  Between the Kimbrel and this, it's an easy choice which I like better (hint:  always pick the framed relic)!

Pack 7:

Pack 7 had a Mike Moustakas A&G back card but the highlight for me is the Alhambra palace.  The back of the card has the phrase "vintage video gamers" on it which was unexpected!

Pack 8:

We end the first third of box #3 with a nice Reds' mini card of Bronson Arroyo.  The horizontal framing of the card works well given the photo that Topps used.  Well done - and a decent start to the third box.


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