Saturday, August 24, 2013

Community Gum Group Break: The Spoils (Part I)

I recently participated in a group break over at Community Gum.  The break consisted of a bunch of different boxes including:

  • 1996 Topps Finest Series 1
  • 1996 Topps Finest Series 2
  • 1996 Fleer
  • 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection

For $23, I was able to claim the Reds and eventually worked out a trade for the Tigers as my second team.  I was hoping to land a Barry Larkin relic from the '04 Clubhouse Collection.  Unfortunately, not only did I not get a Larkin relic, I didn't get a single card out of the Clubhouse Collection box!  While that was disappointing, I did get a decent stack of Reds and Tigers (oh my).

Here are the Tigers - I'll show the Reds in a later post.  All the Tigers are available for trade - just let me know (and check out my want list).

First, the 1996 Fleer.

In a strange turn, this Mark Lewis (pictured as a Red) is actually a Tigers card.  It's funny that I had both teams.  However, I'm a stickler and this is clearly a Tigers card (since it says so).

I also managed to get another seven Tiger base cards.  I've scanned the front of one and the back of another just so you can get a feel for what the set is like.  I should note that the card stock is extremely thin - but not at all glossy (which I like).

Speaking of gloss though, I did get one Tigers parallel (I also got one Reds parallel).  For the Tigers, it's one of the glossy parallels.

This is actually a pretty sharp looking card - very reminiscent of Stadium Club if you ask me.  This is probably my favorite of all the Tigers cards that ended up in my group break pile.

In addition to the '96 Fleer, I also got a few (seven in total) Topps Finest cards.

Finest has the annoying protective covering on 'em, but I'll leave it there for now just in case someone wants to work out a trade.

Thanks for hosting the group break Jon - even if you didn't pull me any hits!  It's always fun to participate in group breaks (and it's fun to host 'em too once in awhile).  I'll have the Reds spoils in a future post (and that is, after all, the reason I joined the break).


bigbern28 said...

I have another team bag of Reds for some of these Finest and maybe any others you can part with!

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