Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Group Break: 8x10 Zenith - I Hope You Like Scott Rolen!

Here's the fourth pack out of the 8x10 Zenith set.  I've been liking the set so far - let's see how we fare with the next pack.

Pack 4:
1.  Frank Thomas - White Sox
28.  Mark McGwire - Athletics
37.  Kenny Lofton - Braves
38.  Jay Buhner - Mariners
47.  Jose Cruz Jr. - Mariners

I'm not sure why Cruz Jr. is in the set - though Pinnacle did stick in some rookies at the end of the base set (still, I would think there would better choices than Cruz Jr.).  Oh well - a good pack of regular cards for the Mariners!

8x10 cards:

24 of 24.  Scott Rolen - Phillies

24 of 24.  Dufex:  Scott Rolen - Phillies

Yep, two Scott Rolen cards - one of the regular type and one of the Dufex type.  Which do you like better?  Personally, I like the Dufex one better for this particular image.


The Junior Junkie said...

I am pleased.

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