Monday, September 09, 2013

Uh, What? A Package from April 2013?! (A Top 10 List!)

I don't know exactly how this happened but somehow a package from April 2013 eluded my scanner up until now.  The package in question was courtesy of T.J. over at The Junior Junkie.  Although it took me forever to get the cards scanned, I must say that's not an indication that the package went unappreciated.  Actually, the opposite is true - I kept putting off scanning the cards simply because there were so many that I wanted to show off!

How could that be?  Well - easy enough.  T.J. sent me 50 (yes, fifty) Barry Larkin cards.  Sure, there were a few duplicates in the bunch, but even so, a big 'ol stack of Larkins in the mailbox is always going to make me happy!  Even better, there were some in the stack that were brand new to my collection - good times indeed!

Here's a Top 10 list of my ten favorite Larkin cards in the package!

#10:  2002 Donruss

The '02 Donruss Larkin card barely snuck past the 1989 Larkin for #10 on my list.  I love the '89 Topps design - it's probably the one design from the era of overproduced cards that I like much, much better now than I did when it was released.  Despite my love of the '89 set, the '02 Donruss Larkin is deserving of the #10 spot in the countdown.  After all, it's a nice clean design - and a card that I don't think I own yet (though to be honest, the later issues of Donruss all seem the same to me so I could be wrong).  I really need to make a master list of all the cards I own...

#9:  1997 Score

The '97 Score set was one of the last sets that I bought with my allowance money as a kid.  By the time 1998 came around, I was old enough to start working for my money which meant A) I had actual income but B) I had much less time to spend looking at cards.  Of course, '98 was when I was entering my later high school years so my money was better spent on wooing* the ladies.

*or maybe buying myself food, whichever.

#8:  1995 Fleer

The '95 Fleer set was a grand experiment by Fleer.  Either that or the Fleer card designers all smoked a lot of crack, threw some crazy designs together, and then called it a day.  Really, it could go either way.  However, when you have a card showing off the glorious self-portrait wrist band that Larkin rocked, you can't go wrong (even if you do put text going every which way).

#7:  1996 Collector's Choice

Clean, simple, and a nice looking card.  I like it.  I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Collector's Choice.  I've put together the 1997 and 1998 sets, maybe I should try to do the 1996 set as well.

#6:  1996 Leaf

Ok, ok, it's a checklist.  However, it still counts as a Barry Larkin card in my book so I appreciate it.  Even better, it's a card that I'm 95% certain that I didn't already own!

#5:  1996 Pacific

I might like Collector's Choice a lot, but I love Pacific.  Sure, Pacific was wild - even goofy, but that's what made it so great.  I miss Pacific - and someday I'll find an unopened box of the stuff and buy it just because I can.

#4:  1997 UD3 ProMotion

I don't know for sure if that's the correct set name, but it's what I'm going with for now.  This card is almost definitely new to my collection which is awesome.

#3:  1997 Circa

This particular card is also new (I think) to my collection.  It's also an amazing display of green, red, and blue on a card...and it sort of looks like Larkin is being sucked into a black hole or something.  Despite the weirdness of the design, I still kind of like the card - and I love that it's another new one for my Larkin binder!

#2:  1996 Topps Laser

I already had this card but you can't go wrong with Topps Laser.  The cards are simply too cool to ignore (and almost too frail to hold)!  Maybe Topps could bring back Laser as an insert set in next year's Topps Archives edition.

#1:  2000 Bowman's Best

I know, I know.  It's a Bowman card in the #1 slot of my countdown and I always say how much I dislike Bowman.  That's all true - but this particular card is really, really nice (and shiny)!  When Bowman finally gets something right, I feel the need to reward the set...and so here you have it, my #1 card out of the trade package!

Thanks for the awesome swap T.J.  Sorry it took me so long to scan all the cards!  As always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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