Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Digging Into the Box VII: The Last of the "Random" Cards!

I've finally made it through the last pile of "random" cards from the gigantic box of cards that my brother gave me.  You haven't seen the last of that box quite yet (there's still a bit more Magic:  The Gathering in there plus some new Topps stuff and a bunch of wax packs plus some Panini stuff that I need to figure out).  This will be, however, the last post featuring random cards - and as usual I picked out some of my favorites to show off in the post.

When I was younger, I used to actually enjoy the Topps Opening Day brand.  To me, it was the same as the "regular" Topps except A.  I could afford it and B.  There wasn't as much foil (which was a good thing to me).  Today?  I don't bother with Opening Day - in fact, I don't even remember the last year that I bought a pack of the brand - but that doesn't mean that I don't like it still.

For instance, the Roy Halladay (from 2003) is a pretty nice card - though I don't like the Opening Day logo on this card as much as other years.  As for Halladay, for awhile he seemed like the next coming of Cy Young...and then all of the sudden he was nothing.  Weird.

From a brand that I have ignored lately to one that I've taken a liking to lately - Fleer Ultra.

There were a few Fleer Ultras in the final stack of cards to sort - the Rusty Greer simply had the good fortune of being my favorite (and thus scanned for all of you to enjoy).  This was the 2000 Fleer Ultra set - a set that has a real good chance of me trying to complete it someday!

The third card in the stack that caught my eye was this Fleer Platinum card of Tim Salmon.

I have no idea what this set was all about - in fact, this might be the only card I own from the set, I'm not really sure.  Anyhow, it's from 2001 and it's definitely got a retro feel to it (though the front is much too glossy for my tastes).  I might have to see what boxes of this stuff go for - it could be a fun box to break!

Finally, a card from a set that I have very little interest in...but I couldn't ignore the card:

That's a cool looking card of Chipper Jones - and this coming from a guy who generally doesn't like the Braves at all!

Once again, thanks for the great cards brother...and if anyone else would like to trade you know the drill...check out the want list and make an offer!


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