Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Amazing Gint-a-Cuffs: Let's Get it Started in Here!

My box topper landed me 20 points which is a great way to start the competition.  Now let's see if the rest of the box holds up to propel me to the championship this year.

Pack 1:
29.  Shelby Miller
34.  Felix Hernandez
87.  Alex Gordon
(114)  Desmond Jennings
118.  Adam Schefter
231.  Carlos Gomez
Reg. back mini:  323.  Harmon Killebrew
Pastime's Pastimes:  JA.  Jose Altuve

The mini short print of Killebrew is worth 3 points, the Pastime's Pastime of Altuve is another +2 points making the pack total 5 points.  By the way, the Desmond Jennings base card has no number but that appears to be how they all are.  Best guess for that?  Something to do with the Ginter code this year.

Pack total:  5 points
Running total:  25 points

Pack 2:
16.  Bartolo Colon
134.  Jordan Zimmerman
143.  Eddie Mathews
246.  Dwight Gooden
270.  Ryan Howard
342.  Chris Davis
World's Capitals:  11.  Buenos Aires
Reg. mini:  186.  Billy Hamilton

The Chris Davis is a short print base card (2 points) and the World's Capitals adds another 2 points to the pack.  The regular back mini of Billy Hamilton is worth 1 point for me since it's a Reds' card.  Not bad I guess?

Pack total:  5 points (again)
Running total:  30 points

At the 5 points per pack rate I'll end up with 120 points from packs plus the 20 points from the box topper for a grand total of 140.  There is no way that will be enough to win so I need my box to pick it up a bit!


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