Thursday, February 19, 2015

My First 2015 Topps Cards (Non-Group Break Edition)!

Most people are probably sick of seeing 2015 Topps Series 1 posts on the blogs by now, but not me!  That's good because the other day I had the opportunity to bust my first blaster of the product.  Sure, I've seen 4-7 copies of all the base cards thanks to my recent group break...but the majority of those cards weren't mine.  In fact, all I ended up with from the break was the Reds in the case which means I need a lot of cards to complete Series 1!

Thus, I had only two base card duplicates from my blaster - both Reds of course!

Normally, I would be happy pulling two Reds but in this case I was actually hoping to avoid Reds' base cards!

Moving on to the inserts, the blaster was chock full of them...21 different inserts in total!

Don't worry, I won't show all 21 cards.  I will, however, show off a few.

First up, the retail only inserts.  I pulled a single Robbed in Center card (Mike Trout).

I have to admit that I like these cards quite a bit.  I have a second blaster that I haven't opened (as of the time of my writing this post at least)...depending on how that one goes, perhaps I'll give collecting this insert set a shot!

Another retail only set is the 1st Home Run set.  I pulled five of those (Bryce Haper, Mike Trout, Alex Rodriguez, David Wright, and Deion Sanders).

I have no idea why Deion Sanders is in this set along with the other players that I pulled.  I also know that I will not be collecting this set - so the five cards that I pulled are all going to be available for trade.

The final retail insert set that I had was a pair of cards from the Jackie Robinson Story set.

These are actually quite nice - but given the number of Dodger collectors out there, I don't plan on making a run for this set either.  Thus, both are available for trade.

My blaster did provide three (non-Reds) for my player collections.  The first was a nice Ken Griffey Jr. card.

The other two were both part of the Inspired Play.

I semi-actively collect both Tom Seaver and Cal Ripken (for now at least), I will call both of these cards keepers!

My blaster only held two parallels.  One was a rainbow foil of Wilin Roasrio (Rockies) that is available for trade and the other was this gold parallel of Masahiro Tanaka.

I'm considering throwing the Tanaka up on eBay just to see what happens.

All of that leads me to the final "card" of the break.  In this sense, it's actually a manufactured medallion card of Ryan Howard of the Phillies.

It's a nice thick card, but it's not someone who I collect so unfortunately for me, it's not a keeper.  This one is also available for trade, or else it might end up on eBay with the Tanaka.

All told, it's sort of hard for me to get too excited about the base cards now that I've seen them so many times...but I also need a single copy for myself (since I've decided I like the 2015 set enough to collect it).  I have one more blaster to open and sort and then hopefully I'll be able to update my want list!


Tim B. said...

Chris, I'm interested in the Rodriguez, Wright, and Sanders First Home Run cards if you're willing to deal. In one of my blasters, I pulled an Adam Dunn medallion(in a Reds Uni) if you're interested at all. Shoot me an email if you want to set up a trade(I've got plenty of dupes for your set as well).

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