Friday, July 24, 2015

PWE Love: Ferrell and Some Minis from the 80s.

With today's envelope scanned (and about to written about), I have officially cleared out all the trade packages that have arrived at my house!  It's an amazing feeling to be all caught up...but it also means I need to get back to trading ASAP I suppose!  I also thought it was a good idea to take a short break from all the Ginter in order to get this final trade post written up.  After all, I'm hoping to have lots of upcoming trades involving this year's Ginter set!

All of today's cards are courtesy of David who dropped a nice little PWE on me the other day.  Included in that envelope was four cards - two of which were of Will Ferrell.

Now that I have both the Padres' and Mariners' versions of the Ferrell cards, I'm only in need of two more cards from the set!  Speaking of Ferrell, his cards are in the 2015 Topps Archives set - a set that I just listed all of my extras for trade a couple of days ago (check out my blog archives).  Who knows, maybe I can help you complete your set (I have an extra Ferrell for trade as well)!

Rounding out the PWE was a pair of 1989 Fleer mini cards - including a super nice Eric Davis.

I've always been a big fan of Davis' and this mini card is definitely a new card of his for my collection!

A big thanks to David for the great surprise mailing.  As for anyone else, now's the time to send me mail since I'm all caught up on my posts!  Check out my want list and make an offer!


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