Tuesday, March 08, 2016

2001 Topps Stadium Club: Pack 5 - Bonds or Bust!

Another day, another pack out of my 2001 Topps Stadium Club box from last Christmas.  I'm definitely enjoying "dragging out" the busting process - it adds a lot more fun/value to the box for me.  I hope you all enjoy a look back at one of the best sets (in my opinion) from 2001!

Pack 5:
4.  Chad Kreuter
10.  Larry Walker
31.  Luis Sojo - Needed it!

When I saw this picture, I immediately thought that this was a card that I needed.  It's a pretty cool shot, even if I don't like the Yankees!
32.  Eric Milton
41.  Gabe Kapler
45.  Javy Lopez
67.  Mark Grace
70.  Carlos Delgado
90.  Brian Giles
99.  Ken Caminiti - Needed it!

As far as Stadium Club images go, this is one of the worst that I've seen.  I actually had to study the picture for quite awhile before I could figure out exactly what was happening with Caminiti's throwing arm.  
106.  Orlando Hernandez
110.  Greg Zaun
115.  Kevin Brown
137.  Rafael Palmeiro
142.  Jermaine Dye
143.  Roger Clemens
195.  Erick Almonte - Needed it!

Last card saves the pack - we hit our goal of three new cards (just barely)!  Even so, I'll take it!
Capture the Action:  CA14.  Barry Bonds

One more pack until we reach the halfway point of the box.  At the rate I'm going, I should get a pretty good chunk of my '01 Stadium Club needs out of the way...so far so good at least!


Tim B. said...

I have never seen that Sojo, now I need to track down a copy!

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