Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter Box: I Like Getting Spacecraft with My Baseball Cards!

My first box of 2016 Allen & Ginter has been a complete success in my book.  I pulled two decent "regular" relics in Puig and Soler plus a rather rare framed relic of Pedroia.  I found the Julio Urias (super?) short print base card to go along with a Brooklyn back mini (#/25) of Francisco Rodriguez.  And the best part?  All of that came in the first 16 packs.

Let's rip two more and see if this box is still holding another great surprise!

Pack 17:

37. Dawn Spacecraft
183.  Andrew McCutchen
211.  Albert Pujols
248.  Jill Martin
291.  Kevin Kiermaier
292.  Marcell Ozuna
The Numbers Game:  64.  Dallas Keuchel

Reg mini (short print):  317.  Yordano Ventura

The short printed regular minis are fairly tough pulls this year (seeded 1:13 packs).  Not a lot else to say about this pack except that I love getting spacecraft in my Ginter set!  So far, I think my two favorite base cards are the Dawn Spacecraft and the US Embassy in Cuba that I pulled in an earlier pack.

Pack 18:

12.  Trevor Story
91.  Nick Hundley
133.  Joc Pederson
164.  Steven Souza Jr.
189.  Buster Posey
The Numbers Game:  83.  Matt Kemp

Natural Wonders:  19.  Ngorongoro Crater

Reg. mini:  128.  Aroldis Chapman

Nothing Earth shattering in either pack but that's ok - there were some nice base cards (esp. the spacecraft) and I'm happy with the Natural Wonders card as well.


Matt Stupienski said...

For some reason, these last three packs didn't come up on my Blogger feed. Maybe it thought you were trying to spam us all.

In any case, nice hit with that Urias SSP!. I only got the one in my whole case. I also experienced multiple (and I mean at lease 5 or 6 packs) without a mini. However, every time except once there was a double mini pack later on in the box. So hopefully you'll get that double mini pack soon. :D It is quite annoying though.

ketchupman36 said...

Matt, I had the same issue with all of Monday's posts just now showing up in my feed.

I like that Natural Wonders insert and the spacecraft base card. I wonder if we will ever get a space junk relic? C'mon Topps!

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