Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beginning Group Break Box #2: 2017 Panini Diamond Kings

It's time to get to the second (of four) main boxes for our group break.  For the second box, I'm digging into the 2017 Panini Diamond Kings box.  This box contains a mere 12 packs - but two of the 12 packs should contain a relic or autograph which is nice.  In addition to the hits, there are quite a few inserts and parallels - too many to list actually but I'll try to deal with them as we discover them in the box.

2017 Panini Diamond Kings:
Pack 1:
9.  Grover Alexander - Phillies
32.  Roger Maris - Yankees
67.  Mike Trout - Angels

Panini put a bunch of variations in their base set this year - Trout being one of the players to get the variation treatment.  However, this is Trout's "regular" base card.
75.  Didi Gregorius - Yankees
145.  Carson Fulmer - White Sox

Fulmer also has a variation in the set - and this time we pulled the variation rather than the regular base card!
155.  Trey Mancini - Orioles
Memorable Moment:  MM-8.  Joe DiMaggio - Yankees

Gray framed parallel:  129.  Dansby Swanson - Braves

This is a variation back card for Swanson, though I have no idea if the variations AND the regular versions each received the framed parallel treatment or not.  Actually, scrap that.  I found out that the variations and the regular card BOTH get the full parallel treatment, so there you go!  That Swanson is a framed parallel variation.  

Boy, good luck figuring this set out in its entirety (or collecting the full thing, yikes)!  Oh, and I didn't even mention the fact that there are 25 short prints in the base set as well (none in this pack, however).

Finding specific pack odds for most of the inserts and parallels is super frustrating for Panini products.

As a final note, for as much research (and cross-referencing) that is required for each pack of Diamond Kings, I'm probably going to limit myself to one pack per post...especially if each pack requires 4 scans to get through!


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