Friday, October 13, 2017

Question: Do Game Reviews Belong on this Blog?

Back in January of this year, I posted a series of board/card game reviews that I called my Nachos Grande's Friday Game Review.  As part of the series, I posted a full review of a different game for each of the Fridays in the month of January.  If you missed those posts, I reviewed the following four games:

Admittedly, those review posts took a LONG time to write (lots of photographs needed for most of the posts).  However, I'm legitimately interested in a wide variety of board games and card games (and even some video games) and so I enjoyed the posts.  I don't think I'll ever have the time to have a new game posted every Friday like I did in January, but I could certainly sprinkle in some game review posts here and there throughout the year.

My question is:  Do those reviews belong on Nachos Grande?  Should I continue to sprinkle in game reviews here OR should I start a game specific blog which can house all my game-related posts? 

Now, I already run two blogs (this one and a LEGO related blog here).  Thus, while I know I can handle more than one blog, I know that for every new blog I start I'll have to take away that time from my existing blogs (after all, time is a finite resource for any given day)! 

Basically, I'm looking for some feedback in terms of whether you A) like reading the game reviews and B) if you'd like a game-specific blog or if you'd prefer I keep everything non-LEGO related here at Nachos Grande.

Sound off below, let your opinions be heard!

Oh, and by the way, I have a bunch of other games that I need to write some reviews for.  I'm not sure when I'll have the time to do so, but I've got plenty of great games (and a couple of not-so-great games) to talk about in due time.


Jon said...

I'd be in favor of reading an occasional game review on this blog, as it is something I'm interested in. I don't have anyone to play games with, but I do like seeing what's out there... just in case I do someday. I wasn't a reader at the time, but I will definitely go back read your previous reviews.

I have recently started covering a lot more of my interests, and while it has led to some reduced views, it certainly makes blogging more fun (at least for me). So, I would say if it's something you enjoy doing, then why not share it with everyone else.

Matt said...

Personally, I like board games too and enjoy reading other people's review of them. Post whatever you like!

Doe M.G. said...

I don't see why you should have to create a new blog for this project. I would enjoy reading your game reviews. I was pretty active at BGG before I moved, plus I like reading about anything bloggers think is fun. Fun keeps us sane!

Billy Kingsley said...

Go for it! It's your blog, and if you enjoy doing it, then you should do it.

Brett Alan said...

I go to gaming conventions when I can. I wouldn't want you to go to any extra trouble, but if you're reviewing a game, sure, put it here.

Fuji said...

I'm a closet board game fan. I rarely play board games in my personal life... but I do run my school's board game club. Plus I often kill time watching board game reviews on YouTube, so I'd definitely read your board game posts... if you choose to continue them.

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