Thursday, November 02, 2017

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: Pack 2: A Velociraptor Hot Pack!

I'm back with another pack out of the 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs box.  The first pack we opened had a super short print (which, unfortunately, I already had).  What will pack #2 hold?

Pack 2:
2.  Argentinosaurus

11.  Velociraptor

21.  Therizinosaurus

Sticker:  6.  Velociraptor

Canvas Mini:  23.  Keratocephalus

The Canvas minis are kind of cool but they are the one insert set that I'm definitely NOT going to chase after (they are too rare to consider trying for the full set since they are seeded 1:2 packs but you need 150 of them to get the full set).

The other bad thing about this pack?  I didn't need any of the cards.  That's two packs in a row without a single new card.  Definitely not the way I was hoping to start the box!


Doe M.G. said...

Hey those are pretty cool. Good luck pulling cards to complete the set!

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