Saturday, December 02, 2017

2017 Topps Gallery: Colored Border Parallels are Nice!

December is one of my favorite times of the year - and this year promises to be no different.  I've got the Christmas music playing, most of my gifts wrapped, and here I am - sitting down to rip another pack of cards that I bought for myself.  How can I possibly complain?

Pack 6:

31.  Francisco Lindor

61.  Jacob deGrom

122.  Zack Greinke

Green parallel:  110.  Chris Sale (#96/99)

A few thoughts on this pack:

First, deGrom is one of my wife's favorite players (I have no idea why) so that card is a nice enough pull for me.  Second, the big hit of the pack (and, frankly, the blaster so far) is the green parallel numbered out of 99.  Those are seeded 1:64 packs making them a fairly tough pull indeed.  The only bad thing is I have no particular allegiance to (or interest in) Chris Sale.

One more pack to go from the blaster...coming soon, I promise!


Trevor P said...

I would have no complaints with this pack. De Grom is the only one I collect, but I like all of these players. A Sale /99 is never bad, either.

TSHenson said...

I like that Francisco Lindor card. Great looking card!

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