Saturday, January 06, 2018

Season of Giving Update: Teams Still Available!

Since announcing my plans for my Season of Giving, I have had an amazing turnout of people wanting cards (who knew free cards would be of interest to my blog's readers)?!  To date, I've packed up 26 Season of Giving packages! 

Given all that, I am please to report that at this point in time I am (almost) up-to-date with all of the Season of Giving mailings (Tyler S. and Jason G., your Mariners and Reds respectively will go out in the mail at the end of this week).  I also owe John H. a team that is to be decided later.  Otherwise, I've mailed off to everyone who provided me a mailing address. 

Since there were some teams claimed but those people did NOT email me their updated mailing address (Alex, John, whoever claimed the Royals, etc.), I've reopened the availability for everyone.  Sorry, but those were the rules!  Of course, if you did try to claim a team but didn't send your address, you may (re)claim the team but this time please be sure to send me your mailing address (you can find my email on my want list page).

Here are the remaining teams that you can still claim if you are interested:

  • Nationals/Expos
  • Marlins
  • Rays
  • Orioles
  • Tigers
  • Royals
  • Twins
  • Rangers

From what I've seen people post, those that got in on my Season of Giving were mostly happy with what they received.  I'd love to make a few more people happy as well...and in the process, I get to clear out some more unwanted cards.  Win win!  You don't even have to send me anything in return, though I'll never turn down cards from my want list (or LEGO if that's more your style).


John Sharp said...

Oops...I thought I'd already claimed the Tigers cards. Thanks.

Nachos Grande said...

John, I need your mailing address.

TSHenson said...

I am still interested in the Expos/Nationals cards. Thanks again for the Indians cards.

'58Orioles said...

Interested in the Orioles cards.

jasongerman9 said...

Still think.its great you're doing this. Arriving from vacation tomorrow so still no rush for me!

Nachos Grande said...

'58 email me your mailing address and the O's are yours. Likewise for the Tigers John, they are yours if you send me your mailing address. TS, the Expos/Nats will be going out to you.

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