Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Delivery Time! Some Much Needed Topps Flagship.

Not all that long ago, I posted my want list for 2018 Topps flagship.  The baseball card community is (by and large) a rather amazing group of people and wouldn't you know it, their generosity struck quickly!

Case in point:  Today's mail day is thanks to Marc over at Remember the Astrodome.  Marc sent me a smattering of cards that I still needed for my 2018 set...and all as a bit of a surprise for me.  Super cool - and a great mail much better than a mail box full of bills and junk mail!

Marc's PWE to me contained five cards - and since I'm so giddy about getting cards I needed in the mail, let's take a look at all five and rank them, shall we?

#5:  258.  Tyler Saladino

Out of the five, this is basically the only image where there isn't much to say.  Saladino isn't a guy that I know much about...and his card doesn't really interest me all that much either (besides the fact that now his spot in my binder is no longer empty).  Moving along to the good stuff...

#4:  323.  Elvis Andrus

Andrus was the Rangers first player since 1983 to start in all nine batting order spots.   Not quite the same as playing all 9 positions in a single game, but it's still a fun tidbit.  I like that Topps puts stats like WAR on the card back now...and so does Andrus since his WAR in 2017 was a whopping 4.1.  Saladino, by comparison, had a WAR last year of -1.2.  Ouch.

#3:  83.  Howie Kendrick

In Kendrick's first 10 games with the Nationals, he had a grand slam and a 5-for-5 game.  Not bad.  In an unrelated note, I often think of Kendrick as an older player (he has, after all, been in the big leagues for 12 years).  He was also born in 1983.  So let that sink in.  A 12-year veteran is now younger than I am (by a year).  Ouch.

#2:  73.  Miami Marlins

Oh sure, the Marlins are nothing but rubbish (and their new owner seems to be no more competent at running a team than their old owner), but still, this is a nice "farewell" card for Miami fans.

#1:  290.  Salvador Perez

This is simply an awesome baseball card.  So much blue, both in the stands, on the field of play, and the team logo.  The colors pop - the action and tension is palpable.  It's all great - and easily the best of the five cards that Marc sent my way!

Thanks again for the PWE, Marc.  And - as always, should anyone else want to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


Bru said...

No problem, happy to help!

Once a Cub said...

Saladino gave my son his cracked bat after a game waaaay back in Single A ball. We brought it back the next day and he signed it. So despite being a south sider, we root for him.

Nachos Grande said...

That's a great story about Saladino. I think we need to hear more things like that about the sport (rather than endless droning about the pace of play)!

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