Flashback Friday! 2007 Fleer Ultra (and Group Break Bonus)

It's Friday so what better time to have another Flashback Friday post?!  Today's flashback takes us back to 2007.  I was finishing up graduate school and looking for a "real" job so baseball cards weren't a super high priority.  That said, I do credit the year 2007 (specifically '07 Topps Heritage) with getting me back into cards so in that sense 2007 was an important year to me!

Our pack of Fleer Ultra contains a mere 5 cards per pack - though the pack claims that I might be able to find autographed rookies and Lucky 13 cards.  The set is is only 200 cards...so after this pack I'll be 5/200 of the way there!  Actually, that part is false.  All of the contents of this pack are going to their respective teams in my 2018 Topps Heritage group break.  Consider it a bonus pack!
Is this the last time that a Cincinnati Red was featured on a prominent brand's pack wrapper?  I wonder since the Reds haven't been all the good in quite some time, nor have they have much star power (other than Joey Votto who is only now starting to see more exposure in various sets).

2007 Fleer Ultra:

37.  Jon Garland - White Sox
I kind of dig the retro uniform look.  According to the card back, Garland had four complete-game shutouts in the two previous years.  I don't think I realized he had quite that sort of pitching arsenal. 

49.  Jhonny Peralta - Indians
The dirty pant leg makes for a good visual on a baseball card, doesn't it?  I should point out that the foil name at the bottom of the card (with the position and team) is much, much easier to read in the scan as compared to when trying to read it in person.  Thin foil like that should never be on a baseball card, especially with a dark background.

158.  Khalil Greene - Padres
You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was an Upper Deck card (from when they lost their license).  You can't make out any team logos...nor the player's face really.

190.  Roy Halladay - Blue Jays
This is probably the best card in the pack - a nice card of Halladay back when he plied his trade in Canada.  He went 16-5 in 2006 which was pretty impressive when you consider he was pitching the majority of his games against AL East foes.

214.  Phil Hughes - Yankees

Speaking of AL East foes, we did manage to pull one of the rookies in the set.  I will note that the weird straight white line on the right portion of the card is actually printed that way, it's not a scanner error.  The white line is also on the backside of the card, so I guess it was a conscious design choice (even though I think it looks pretty weird).  I do kind of dig the rest of the background though - it's evocative without actually being much of anything.  Kind of cool.

And there you have it, a pack of 2007 Fleer Ultra down.  I have to admit, having only five cards in a pack of a rather low-end set is rather disappointing.  That said, I do mostly like the card design - and if I weren't already strapped for space for storing cards, I might consider collecting the 2007 Ultra set.  As it stands though, I'm happy to rip the pack and include the contents as group break bonuses instead. 


  1. Nice Hughes! I don’t think I have that one yet.

  2. That Halladay card is sweet! Great action shot.


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