Sunday, March 11, 2018

SEVEN Boxes Now in the Group Break (if we Fill it Tonight) Hurry, Hurry. Only 3 Slots Remain!

Who doesn't like opening up tons of cards from cool sets of yore?

I mean, just look at that selection of boxes (plus one already opened up pack) that can be part of the group break if I fill the thing tonight!
  • Arizona Diamondbacks -
  • Atlanta Braves  -
  • Baltimore Orioles -
  • Boston Red Sox  -
  • Colorado Rockies -
  • Detroit Tigers -
  • Kansas City Royals -
  • Los Angeles Angels -
  • Miami Marlins -
  • Milwaukee Brewers -
  • Minnesota Twins -
  • New York Mets -
  • Oakland Athletics -
  • Pittsburgh Pirates -
  • San Diego Padres -
  • Tampa Bay Rays -
  • Texas Rangers -
  • Toronto Blue Jays -
Plenty of teams remaining - but only three slots remain.  Go here to sign up and to get all the details (the box of Panini Optic) is a bonus box if the break fills and gets paid for tonight.  Don't hesitate - that looks like a pretty cool product as well (I've never opened up a single pack of the stuff but I'm fairly certain it's going to involve some shiny)!


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