Saturday, September 22, 2018

Hits for Trade!

Today, I carved out some time to put my entire 2018 Allen & Ginter set in a binder.  I also sorted through all of my inserts and hits and posted a few (including my Jeter Rip card) to eBay tonight (see what I have for sale here).

I also ended up going through my other relics/autographs and ended up with quite a few that I'd like to offer up here as trade bait.  I'm looking for either A) items from my want list, B) Barry Larkin cards I don't yet own, or C) LEGO sets, old or new.

Here's what I have to offer up...

FSRA-DG.  Dee Gordon
FSRA-SP.  Salvador Perez
FSRA-SF.  Sonny Fredrickson
FSRB-AM.  Andrew McCutchen
FSRB-DO.  David Ortiz
FSRB-FF.  Freddie Freeman
FSRB-CC.  Carlos Correa
FSRB-KS.  Kyle Schwarber
MA-MG.  Miguel Gomez

Leave a comment below or shoot me an email if you'd like to work out a trade!


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