Group Break: Box #3 Begins with a Box Hit! ( 1998 Pacific Paramount )

It's time to bust the third box of our group break - 1998 Pacific Paramount. 

Truth be told, this was the second box that I opened - but I decided to simply post the video for the 1991 Topps Archives box break (see this morning's post) which made it easier to post that box and contents first! 

That said, it's on to Pacific Paramount!

1998 Pacific Paramount:
Pack 1:
115.  Pat Hentgen - Blue Jays
65.  Brad Radke - Twins
177.  Ramon Martinez - Dodgers
113.  Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays
91.  David Segui - Mariners
Copper:  222.  Al Martin - Pirates

Each hobby pack of 1998 Pacific Paramount should have a hobby only Copper parallel in it.  The only difference is the foil nameplate - it's silver on the regular base cards.

Pack 2:
41.  Jim Thome - Indians
72.  Paul O'Neil - Yankees

204.  Todd Hundley - Mets
144.  Bret Boone - Reds
166.  Moises Alou - Astros
Copper:  49.  Todd Jones - Tigers

Pack 3:
164.  Edgar Renteria - Marlins
39.  Charles Nagy - Indians
140.  Mickey Morandini - Cubs

182.  Ismael Valdez - Dodgers
127.  Andres Galarraga - Braves
Copper:  86.  Jeff Fassero - Mariners

The back of the cards is well done - I always appreciate getting a second image of the featured player.  My only complaint would be that team logos don't appear anywhere (making quickly sorting by team kind of a pain)!

Pack 4:
128.  Tom Glavine - Braves
6.  Chuck Finley - Angels
193.  Steve Falteisek - Expos
188.  Doug Jones - Brewers
139.  Lance Johnson - Cubs
Special Delivery Die-Cut:  15.  Mark McGwire - Cardinals

Woah, that's what I'm talking about!  The Special Delivery cards are seeded 1:37 packs or every-so-slightly less than one per box!  Congrats goes out to Madding who lands this beauty!

That's the start of the Pacific Paramount box - and with a box hit within the first four packs, I'd say it was a great start!  More from this box soon!


  1. I like the backs more than the front. And I'm glad you pointed out the lack of a logo... that is a little different. Very happy to score a Lance Johnson for my player collection of him!

  2. Very fun. I do love this set.

  3. Nice McGwire insert! I have a couple of similar cards from Pacific hockey. They're a pain in the arse to sleeve but they sure are unique.


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