Thursday, November 15, 2018

2001 Topps Gold Label Baseball: The Video and Group Break Update / Question

Today, we are supposed to get pelted with heavy snow, ice, and who knows what else here in northern Pennsylvania.  I had originally hoped to get all of the group break packages mailed out today since I wasn't going to have to go to work, however, the upcoming snow storm will probably keep me grounded at home.  Even worse, for some reason we lost power from around noon yesterday up until about 10:30 PM - which meant that last night I didn't even have time to pack up the remaining group break packages.

I will say that I did manage to mail out six of the ten group break packages a couple of days ago.  I have two more packed up and sitting on my desk, hopefully I'll be able to get those to the post office this morning.  The last couple of packages probably won't go out today, but I promise to try and get them out ASAP (if nothing else, I'm way ahead of my "no later than Thanksgiving weekend" original goal, so that's something)!

Since I didn't have the ability to create much in the way of a blog post last night (no power and all that), here's the video for the final box of the group break:  2001 Topps Gold Label.

I loved the Gold Label box and thought it was a perfect ending to the Rockin' Retro Group Break.  Unfortunately for me, I took a pretty big hit on this group break (there were 4 unclaimed slots) AND I ended up with a rather huge mass of unwanted cards from teams I don't collect...definitely NOT helpful for my personal goal of clearing out my collection of unwanted stuff.  In the future, I guess I should get each slot sold before I actually order and pay for the boxes, but with retro stuff, you sort of have to strike while you can if there is a box out there you want.  Most vendors may only have one or two boxes of certain older products, time isn't always a luxury that I can wait for.  If nothing else, the experience (and wallet hit) has made me seriously consider what role I have in the group breaking world these days.  I don't have a huge blog readership on a daily basis and I'm notoriously bad at self-promotion (both in terms of my blogging but also in my "real life").  Those issues, plus the fact that I use things like Twitter half-hardheartedly (at best), means that filling a group break will probably always be somewhat challenging.  That said, I love the feedback and the comments that many of you shared with me on the various group break posts - and I love being able open up stuff that most group breakers won't touch anymore (like old Gold Label boxes for example).

I don't know what the right answer is...and I do know that I'm sort of rambling, but I thought it was worth trying to put my semi-coherent thoughts out there for discussion.  Any ideas you may have on how I can improve things (turnout, products, costs, etc.) are always appreciated, either via comment here or email.  I'm all ears.


TSHenson said...

I did participate in your break, mostly because of the cost, but I read every new update you posted. It made realize there are many hundreds more Indians cards that are out there. I really enjoy your blog no matter what you posted.

Nachos Grande said...

I appreciate the comment! The cost was probably too high in the end, live and learn I guess!

P-town Tom said...

I think if you're looking to fill all of the spots you may have to reach out to the Twitter world and ask for some help promoting.
Do some quick math... you eating four slots versus a five buck discount on the group break if they promote your break on Twitter/Blogger. Just a suggestion. Play with the numbers and mull it over.
Personally, I think your breaks are great. Where else can I pick up such great Cubs cards from random years and sets?

Nachos Grande said...

P-Town, that's actually a great idea that I should use for future breaks. Lots of people have active Twitter accounts, certainly more active and connected than mine anyhow. I appreciate the kind words as well.

Nick Vossbrink said...

Yeah cost was a little high. Getting over the blaster price point made me think twice (though I obviously joined anyway). I can say that I'd've been tempted at purchasing a 3rd team on top of my 1 + random but didn't want to spend the full amount for a 2nd random slot.

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