Thursday, November 08, 2018

Group Break: Do Base Cards Even Matter to You?

While I do think that most people are happy to have the Topps Total cards in the group break, it's become rather clear from my blog views since I started the Total box that many people don't actually seem to care much about the pack breaks themselves.  In fact, the Topps Total post views are down almost 50% as compared to the pack posts for any of the other boxes.

I don't have anything necessarily to add to the above facts other than I saw the numbers and thought that they were worth mentioning.  I guess the casual blog reader is interested in potential hits and/or rare inserts - neither of which exist in any form in the Topps Total set!

I'm always interested in hearing your thoughts on things, so tell me:  Are base card products worthless to blog about in general?  Is this really a hit/insert driven hobby these days?

One thing that isn't hit driven is Topps Total, so let's get back to some more glorious base cards - and hopefully I can finish this box off soon so that I don't drive away all my other blog readers!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 25:
48.  Joe Davenport - Rockies
204.  Terry Shumpert - Rockies
982.  Brian Reith - Reds
985.  Jason Isringhausen - Cardinals

309.  Mike Bordick - Orioles
14.  Tino Martinez - Cardinals
636.  Tim Worrell - Giants
116.  Mark Ellis - Athletics
410.  John Suomi - Athletics
921.  Jeff Nelson - Mariners
14 of 30:  Royals Checklist

Pack 26:
916.  Eddie Perez - Braves
420.  Andruw Jones - Braves
723.  Alex Cintron - Diamondbacks
393.  Ryan Vogelsong - Pirates
346.  Mark Phillips - Padres
6.  Brandon Duckworth - Phillies
Topps Total:  TT49.  Bernie Williams - Yankees

766.  Roberto Hernandez - Royals
329.  Pablo Arias - Tigers
662.  Chuck Knoblauch - Royals
Checklist 1 of 6

Pack 27:
484.  Raymond Cabrera - Orioles
222.  Mike Thurman - Expos
867.  Mike Trombley - Dodgers
153.  Armando Benitez - Mets
804.  Jim Thome - Indians
859.  John Burkett - Red Sox
Award Winner:  AW13.  Jorge Posada - Yankees

75.  Chris Baker - Blue Jays
235.  Jeremy Fikac - Padres
892.  Adam Walker - Mets
13 of 30:  Astros Checklist

Well, that does it for the third quarter of the Topps Total box.  Amazingly, we still have another 9 packs to go before the box is completed - plenty more cards to get through yet!


Bru said...

Yessssss, pretty sure I still need that Bagwell checklist. And the Base cards do matter, although I have most of the Astros from this set I believe. But, there are middle relievers and bench players that I’ll be able to use for my Astros autograph project. There are some fun photos in this set too.

GCA said...

No! Don't believe the hype! Base cards matter.
Only mojo hunters discard base cards. In a set like Total, there is a higher likelihood of seeing players who never made it, so viewership may fall. But if that's true, what keeps Bowman afloat?

Set collectors are an apparently endangered species, but we still exist! And read blogs!

CaptKirk42 said...

Base Card Lives Matter. To people who are truly collectors. Not the investors, Not the prospectors, Not the flippers. Sadly those who are only in it for the money seem to have the louder voices.

TSHenson said...

Even though I am not involved with your group break, I have enjoyed seeing the variety, base and insert, of cards from all the boxes you have opened. It only makes me realize that there are many brands out there for me to collect for my Indians collection. Keep up the great blog!

SumoMenkoMan said...

I believe it truly is all about the hits to the majority of people.

P-town Tom said...

I'm a base card guy for sure. I love the unique shots on cards. For instance, love the Bagwell checklist showing off his crouch. Good stuff!
Then again, like CaptKirk42 said, I'm a collector... not in it for the money.

Fuji said...

I can appreciate a well-cropped action shot like that Bagwell... but I tend to comment more on autographs and relics, since that's a bigger focus for me in regards to collecting.

The Angels In Order said...

I enjoy seeing the base cards, kind of nostalgic.

Nick Vossbrink said...

I only join breaks where the odds of getting a lot of base cards are high. Not in it for the hits (though it is fun to get something less common) and am always a little sad when a box is a dud for my team.

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