Sunday, February 10, 2019

Delivery Time! The Other World Hooks Me Up: Want List Destruction (Part 2: the Minis!)

Today, we look at the second half a recent trade with Dan over at The Other World.  Our latest swap was a direct result of my Trade Bait Blowout.  Yesterday, I showed off the full-sized cards that Dan sent my way, today we look at the minis!

Let's start with two minis from a set that I didn't mind at the time of its release but now I don't care much for:  2016 A&G US Mayors.

What can I say, with politics dominating every news cycle and conversation having politicians in my baseball cards is becoming less and less appealing.  That said, the two mayors that Dan sent me are actually two of my favorite cards from the entire trade package.  Why you ask?  Well, these were the final two cards that I needed for that particular insert set which means I get to knock the entire thing off my want list!

Seriously, as a set collector I'm not sure there's a much better feeling than that.  It's the natural high that we all chase in some shape, form, or fashion I guess.

While the above two cards did finish off a set, Dan actually helped me get closer to completing a bunch of other mini sets as well (plus he finished off one more for me which we'll get to shortly). 

Depending on the year, I tend to collect Allen & Ginter a bit differently.  Some years, I completely ignore the mini base cards of all types (regular back, A&G back, etc.).  Other years, I act like a crazy person and try to complete a full mini base set - such was the case back in 2012 when I thought I'd chase after the regular back minis along with everything else Ginter related.

Luckily for me, while the trading well has become much shallower, it hasn't completely dried up.  As you can see, Dan managed to find three cards I needed which got me down to only 15 more minis missing until I'll have the full set complete.  That's not too shabby if you ask me - and it's nice that only one of my remaining missing cards is a short print mini.  Completing the set is still doable!
2012 Allen & Ginter regular back mini wants:  45, 96, 97, 108, 156, 171, 181, 189, 197, 199, 245, 262, 288, 289, 322
While in 2012 I may have decided to go wild with base minis, in 2013 I cut back to trying to only collect the Reds in each of the "main" varieties of minis:  regular back, A&G back, and black bordered.

Somehow, I'm actually further away from my goal of getting just the Reds minis from 2013 than I am from acquiring the entire regular back mini set from 2012 (I need 17 more Reds minis if you were wondering).  That said, I guess the numbers were even up until Dan made them uneven with this trade!

We aren't done yet with the minis - Dan helped me with some more recent stuff too including one more World's Dude mini from 2017.

The New York Ferreter Dude celebrates guys raising ferrets to be used for hunting rabbits and varmints (ferrets are great at burrowing down holes to chase critters).  I don't think I want to be referred to as a "Ferreter Dude" ever but the card is pretty cool.  I really like the retro vibe that the World's Dude set exudes.  You'd think there'd be more A&G insert sets with such a retro theme but that hasn't been what Topps has gone for much at all over the lifespan of the modern A&G set.

Next, we turn our attention back a year to 2016.  Dan had a pair of minis for me from that year including another Ferocious Felines card of the Caracal. 

Now, I'm unabashedly a dog person but even I can admit that's a pretty cool picture of the middle eastern cat that can leap up to six feet.  My Felines set is still missing four more cards but the next set is the second mini set that Dan fully completed for me.

That's the final Subways and Streetcars card that I needed for my set.  Having the RV tucked safely away in my binder means that I've now managed to complete five sets already this year.  Not bad for doing most of it through trades!  I've also started to pick at my want list via Check Out My Cards but I haven't (yet) shipped what I've chosen to buy.  I think I'll hold off a bit longer on shipping with the idea that maybe I'll be able to grab a few other wants for cheap over time.

Finally, we reach the end of the trade with Dan.  The final two cards both belong to one of my all-time favorite modern A&G insert sets:  the 2007 Flags of all Nations set.

The 50 card set features flags (plus a little vignette) of 50 different countries including a whole lot of places that I'd love to visit some day.  Both the Netherlands and Norway are two such places that I'd like to go.  I particularly like the viking ship on Norway's card as it sails up a river towards a waterfall.  Good stuff and a great way to end a trade package!

Thanks a ton for the swap, Dan!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


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