Thursday, April 18, 2019

Barry Larkin Collection 664: 1991 Studio - #167

Barry Larkin
Year:  1991
Brand:  Studio
Card number:  167

Somehow, I didn't own this card until about a month or so ago - funny how "junk wax" can still prove to be elusive despite being terribly overproduced back in the day. 

According to baseballcardpedia, the '91 Studio set was the first baseball card set to feature only black and white photos in 40 years.  As a kid, I know that a set like this would not have interested me at all which is probably why this particular Larkin eluded me for so many years!  That said, looking at the card now I can say that it isn't all bad.  The front image is a bit too goofy for my taste (especially since I presume the set is supposed to be more serious).  The back, however, is quite wonderful in terms of information.  I wonder if Barry still collects "compact discs."  Heck, I wonder how many of my readers even know what a compact disc even is anymore!


Nick Vossbrink said...

Hehe I loved this set as a kid. Expanded my appreciation of what a baseball card could be (also the Black & Decker card was great).

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