Flashback Friday! Some Old School Stadium Club

Happy (Good) Friday everyone!  My college gives us two holidays during the spring semester - spring break for a week and Good Friday.  You better believe that I'm enjoying my day off!  In fact, part of my time off has been spent working on reorganizing my collection some more (you'll read more about that in a future post).  For today though, I thought it'd be fun to rip a pack of old school wax that I discovered while sorting cards:  1992 Topps Stadium Club.

Look at how proud Topps was of its relationship with Kodak.  I'm fairly certain that Kodak isn't even a company any more, after all, who still uses film with their photography?!  Well, back in 1992 film was all we had - so let's see what Topps and Kodak were able to provide collectors.

The pack that I have is a Series 3 pack which is great for my Frankenset as I'm missing a lot of higher numbers right now (both for the Reds Frankenset and the non-Reds Frankenset).  Hopefully I find some keepers in the pack since I won't be collecting the set!

622.  Joe Magrane
749.  Dennis Rasmussen

You'd be forgiven for thinking I pulled a duplicate right off the bat...that's two different cards but the image is way too similar to be interesting.  Another uninteresting thing?  My first card was a Cardinal.  Ugh.
832.  Scott Garrelts
815.  Chris Gwynn
714.  Jim Bullinger

The backside of the cards show the player's rookie card.  In a fun bit of self-promotion, Bullinger's featured rookie card is his 1992 Stadium Club card (that has a picture of his 1992 Stadium Club card on it).
810.  Andre Dawson
780.  Bobby Bonilla
820.  Kevin Seitzer
738.  Dick Schofield
748.  Don Prybylinksi
1992 Club Membership ad card
618.  Craig Lefferts
709.  Junior Noboa
877.  Neal Heaton
630.  Royce Clayton

882.  Otis Nixon

I'm going to be honest, that was an extremely disappointing (and boring) pack.  Six of the 15 cards in the pack were dull head shots and none of the cards had any sort of photography that I expect out of Stadium Club.  The Royce Clayton card probably had the best photo in the pack - and that particular shot isn't anything special!  The pack was also hurt by a complete lack of "big names."  Other than Dawson and Bonilla (and maybe Clayton), the rest of the players didn't ever amount to much in the big leagues. 

Despite the lackluster results, it was still fun to rip a pack since I still haven't bought any 2019 product this year.  My plan is to keep plugging away at my want list - once I get it whittled down a bit more, then maybe I'll allow myself to get back into buying more modern stuff!


  1. How funny! I have a post on my blog scheduled for Monday where I open a pack of 1992 Stadium Club!

  2. Great minds think alike! I hope your pack was better than mine!


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