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This is (most likely) the final interview in my (Even) Better Know a Blogger series.  All told, we have completed a total of 13 interviews - not bad at all!  It's been a lot of fun to learn new things about old friends as well as meeting some new friends along the way.  I hope all of you have enjoyed the process as much as I have!  And with that, let's get to the next interview!


1.       Your name (or alias if preferred):  John Sharp
2.       Your blog website:  John's Big League Baseball Blog
3.       Your social media handle(s):  Twitter- @freehan11
4.       What are your favorite sport teams?  All Detroit professional teams, the University of Michigan sports teams, Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo).  Oh, and the New England Patriots...as long as Tom Brady is the QB.

5.       What kind of collector do you consider yourself to be (team collector, player collector, set collector, etc.).  Why do you collect that way?
I'd call myself a general card collector, because I never really focus on one certain thing...I get what I can, but don't need every card of my favorite teams or players.  I completed every set from 1968-1980, and then had to sell them, my biggest regret as a collector.

Now I collect cards of my hero, Bill Freehan, certain Detroit Tigers players, and cards of my favorite players, like Justin Verlander, Matthew Boyd, Trevor Story, and J.T. Realmuto.  I'm also in love with the Topps Living Set, and get as many HOF players cards that I can, and cards of Tigers players.

I guess I'm all over the place because I don't have the patience to focus on building sets.

6.       What is your favorite item in your collection?
My 1963 Topps #466, Bill Freehan's RC.  It's the ONLY card that I have that I'll absolutely never part with.

7.       If you could add any one card to your collection (that you don’t currently own), what card would it be and why?
1954 Topps Al Klaine RC...I've never even seen on in person before.

8.       Thinking back to when you first started collecting, how have your habits changed (if at all)?  Any ideas why?

I was all about the Tigers and Bill Freehan.  Probably traded away Aaron and May's cards for a Kaline card.

9.       If an alien being came down from the stars and forced you to describe yourself using no more than three cards as talking points, how would you do it? 

1963 Topps Bill Freehan RC

10.   If you could give any of the major sport card companies one piece of advice about something you’d like changed (or perhaps simply continued) what would it be?
Stop producing so many cards, it's just too much, and unrealistic to think anyone other than a rich person will to be able to afford every player, set, and product.

11.   Where do you live?  What is your favorite local food?
Portage/Kalamazoo l, Michigan.  The Root Beer Stand has the BEST Hot Dogs in town!

12.   If someone were to visit you, what place (within an hour of travel from your residence) would you suggest someone be sure to check out?
Battle Creek, Michigan, Cereal City...it's where your breakfast cereal is made.

13.   What is your profession?  How did you end up there?  If you are in school, what do you plan to major in and/or what job do you hope to get after graduating?

I'm disabled...my body started to break down about 10 years ago.  I was in retail, customer service, the restaurant business, and was a Petty Officer in the US Navy, 1985-89.

14.   Do you have any hobbies besides card collecting?
Baseballs and Hockey pucks.

15.   Tell me something interesting about yourself that hasn’t been covered in the first 14 questions.
I was an All-Star Little League First Baseman in Portage in 1972, and my teammate was a guy named Pete Metzelaars, who played in the NFL, and was a TE on the Buffalo Bills 4 straight Super Bowl appearances.


As always, I must first start with a big "thanks" to John, our latest interviewee.  John's love of the Detroit Tigers is apparent both throughout the interview but also if you take a look at his blog.  My uncle is a big Tigers fan so I'll always have at least a small rooting interest in Detroit, even if they aren't my favorite team (or even my favorite American League team) at the moment. 

Back to John's answers, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I was intrigued with the sounds of the Root Beer Stand for food.  I love a good hot dog and sometimes local hot dog stands can be amazing which is what John seemed to be saying was true about the Root Beer Stand.  Plus, with a name like Root Beer Stand I'd imagine their soft drink selection is on point as well - that sounds good to me!

Thanks again to John (and our twelve other subjects who took the time to complete the interview for me).  This is the last interview that I have responses for - so unless I hear back from someone else I'll consider this series complete!  Thanks to all for a fun time!


  1. Aww man. Gonna miss this series. It was great learning more about fellow card bloggers. Was also happy to add a few new blogs to my blogroll.

  2. I even mentioned it on my interview. If it's summer and you're near Kalamazoo, the Root Beer Stand is a must!

  3. I remember Metzelaars! Those Bills teams were amazing to watch!

  4. Doh. Sad I couldn't make it in. No idea why my emails aren't getting to you.


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