Theme Week: Top 10 Lists: eBay Purchase

Welcome to my latest Theme Week:  Top 10 Lists.  As you can probably guess, each Theme Week post will consist of a Top 10 list, but the subject matter will vary widely from list to list.  I hope you enjoy reading the lists as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

Today's Top 10 list is the best of the bunch from a fairly large purchase I made from a single seller on eBay.  I've stated many times throughout the year that my main goal for 2019 was to get my collection under control, and that includes my want list!  I was able to nab 21 more cards that I needed and in the process finished off a couple more sets.  The best of the bunch though?  That's for today's countdown!

#10:  2019 A&G:  In Bloom mini:  Golden Shrimp

I was able to finish off my In Bloom mini set thanks to the eBay spending spree - one of the final cards that I needed was the Golden Shrimp card.  According to the card back, Golden Shrimp are tropical plants but I like the card simply because of the flower's name.  I'm a huge fan of seafood, especially shrimp, so this card speaks to me in a way.

#9:  2019 A&G:  Ben Zobrist

Oh, there's nothing special about this Zobrist card (it's a regular base card) except it ended up being the final card that I needed for my 2019 A&G base set!  For that alone, it deserves to make it into my Top 10.

#8:  2019 A&G:  In Bloom mini:  Oriental Poppy

My purchase included four In Bloom minis (the final four that I needed) and three of those four ended up in my Top 10.  What can I say, I really dig the colorful vibe this insert set gives off!

#7:  2019 A&G:  Ginter Greats:  Ken Griffey, Jr.

Anytime I get a new card of The Kid I'm happy.  If that new card also happens to be one that I need to finish off a set?  Even happier I become!  Like most of the sets you see represented on this list, my eBay purchase allowed me to finish off the Ginter Greats set as well.

#6:  2019 A&G:  Dreams of Blue Ribbons mini:  Chili Pepper Eating Contest

Just as I said most of the sets featured on this list I finished off, we get to see a set that isn't quite done yet.  While I am still missing three more cards from the Blue Ribbons set, I still find the idea of a Chili Pepper eating contest to be absurdly amusing. 

#5:  2019 A&G:  Look Out Below mini:  Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is the tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public in the US.  It's located below the surface of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga.  Prior to obtaining this card, I had never heard of Ruby Falls - and that's what makes Ginter so great year in and year out, I learn new stuff!

#4:  2019 A&G:  In Bloom mini:  Johnny Jump Up

In my opinion, the image for the Johnny Jump Up plant was the best of the four In Bloom minis that I bought.  There's something about the smoky yellow haze in the background that makes the small, purple flower really "pop" on cardboard.

#3:  2019 A&G:  Chugging Along mini:  Combined Train

Another new mini set represented...and completed!  The Combined Train was the last of the Chugging Along minis that I needed for my set.

#2:  2019 A&G:  New to the Zoo mini:  Elephant Calf

Only this set and the Dreams of Blue Ribbons set remain on my 2019 A&G want list.  That's an amazing feat considering how many insert sets I went after this year (and how few, relatively speaking, boxes of A&G I was able to buy this year).  As of this post, I need two more minis from the Blue Ribbons set and four more from the Zoo set and then I'll be able to close the book on 2019 A&G for good!

#1:  2018 A&G:  Fantasy Goldmine:  Barry Larkin

You probably could have guessed that a Barry Larkin card would grace the countdown, but you might not have guessed that it'd be a Larkin card that I also needed for my set!  This happens to be the only 2018 A&G card on the countdown but I did buy a bunch of needed Fantasy Goldmine cards (even so, I'm still missing four more from the set).  It's safe to say that I've done a lot better collecting the 2019 A&G set than I did the 2018 set.  Funny how having stated goals (and keeping up with them) can motivate me so much!

That does it for today's list.  This one was a lot of fun in that I was able to finish off five sets and make progress on another three sets all from a single purchase.  A few more packages like that I might yet get my want list down to under 100 sets by the end of the year (which is my goal after all)!


  1. I really like the In Bloom inserts. My favorite A&G purchase so far this year is my Bernese Mountain Dog insert.

  2. Oh good I've got Baby Elephant Walk stuck in my head now. Serves me right for thinking that only the Baby Shark card was dangerous.


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