Delivery Time! Bump and Run Cards Sends Cards!

I'm back with more Trade Stack spoils, this time courtesy of Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Cards who claimed Stack #96 a few days ago.  Trevor must have ripped a bunch of 2019 Topps Archives because the bulk of what he sent my way belonged to that set (which was great for me since I didn't buy a single pack of Archives this year).  Of the various Archives cards, two stood out above the rest for me.

First up, Nick Senzel.

Sure, Senzel didn't have an amazing first year as a Cincinnati Red for the big league club be he did show promise.  I'm not convinced he is actually a budding superstar, but I'm not yet convinced he isn't a superstar either.  Either way, it's great to get a card of Senzel that's not some sort of Bowman minor league stuff.  It's also a pretty cool image for a rookie card as it appears the photo was taken on a back lot at spring training.

The other card that caught my eye was this Joey Votto.

I actually like all three set designs that this year's edition of Archives made use of.  In fact, I kind of which I had actually bought a couple of boxes of the stuff, especially now after seeing the nice Reds in the set.  That said, my stated 2019 blog resolution was to reduce my want list so I've had to curtail my new set buying accordingly. 

Finally, Trevor threw in a few Topps Big League cards (another set that I flat-out ignored this year).

  In the case of the two Iglesias cards, I'm guessing the one is a gold parallel but honestly it's not enough of a difference to be overly interesting to me.  On the flip side (literally and figuratively), I think the backside of the Big League cards are done nicely with a little "Did You Know" for each player.  In Iglesias's case, it's a little fact about how he goes fishing nearly every day during the offseason.

Thanks for the fun trade, Trevor!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer.  I'm also working on clearing out my entire leftover stock of 2015 Topps Stadium Club (a beautiful set but I'm not going after the inserts or parallels so they Gotta Go!).