Delivery Time! Torren' Up Cards Sends Bricks!

Zippy Zappy (as he's affectionately known) from the always interesting Torren' Up Cards blog recently* completed a super cool and rather unique trade with me.

*this trade actually went through a couple of months ago but I'm still calling that "recent."

This trade had a little bit of everything but the basic idea was that I sent him some baseball cards and he sent me some LEGO.  I also included some USPS stamps for him and he threw in a few assorted baseball cards for me.  Like I said, a little bit of everything and it made for a super fun trade for me! 

As you may be able to see already, I definitely ended up getting quite the haul - look at all those glorious LEGO bricks!

In actuality, Zippy Zappy had contacted me asking if I'd be interested in the LEGO brick portion of various Star Wars sets that he's acquired over the years.  Since I don't actually collect Star Wars LEGO sets myself, not getting the various minifigs wasn't a problem at all for me - in fact, I'm much more interested in getting the assorted bricks in order to make use of them in my custom LEGO city (one of my many other hobbies)! 

That said, I do plan to build a couple of the Star Wars sets just for fun prior to sorting all of the pieces into their respective giant bins. 

I have a couple of large custom buildings that I hope to start before the end of 2019 so this batch of new pieces will definitely come in handy.  Thanks a bunch for the trade, Zippy Zappy!  As I mentioned near the top of the post, I have a few baseball cards to show off from the trade as well but those will have to wait for a future post. 

As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade (baseball cards or LEGO) feel free to shoot me an email (which you can find at the top of my want list page).


  1. Thanks for taking these off of my hands. Trying to sell these individually would've been a pain (though I understand that LEGOs are getting very expensive on the second hand market) so moving this much in one swoop was so satisfying. And thanks for the A&G card(s) and the forever stamp, both of which were immediately used for a TTM request that worked out splendidly.

  2. Those sure don't look like the LEGOs that I had when I was a kid!


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