Trade Stack 103: I've Finally Added Some New Stuff to My Want List!

Note:  In order to claim the Stack you must agree to send me at least one item from my want list (this now includes LEGO sets since I'm into that too).

I've finally added some new stuff to my want list which should make me a lot easier to trade with for many of you.  How much stuff?  Well, most of 2020 Allen & Ginter, actually.  I'm looking for ANY of the mini inserts (except the Where Monsters Live set) as well as ANY of the framed relics (I'm thinking about trying to collect that set as well this year).  

Today's addition to the Trade Stack is a goodie if you ask me since I love mini cards!  I've got a 2000 Pacific Private Stock mini of Tim Hudson which now gets added to all of the other neat cards in the current pile.  

Remember, you get ALL of the cards in the Stack in exchange for at least one item from my want list.  The Stack goes to whoever claims it first (and tells me what they are sending me).  If the Stack goes unclaimed for some length of time, then I'll add more to it until it does eventually get claimed.

2000 Pacific Private Stock:
PS-2000 Action:
37.  Tim Hudson (Athletics)

2006 Topps:  632.  Ian Kinsler (Rangers)
2007 Topps:  279.  Adam Lind (Blue Jays)

1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice:
218.  Paul O'Neil (Yankees)

1988 Pacific Baseball Legends:
77.  Bob Purkey

2018 Bowman:
4.  Zack Greinke (Diamondbacks)

1996 Leaf Limited:
65.  Hideo Nomo (Dodgers)

2005 Topps Heritage:
304.  Rafael Furcal (Braves)

2012 Bowman Chrome:
BCP139.  Lane Adams (Royals)
BCP188.  Michael Antonio (Royals)

1990 Collect-a-Books:
27.  Joe Dumars (Pistons)

Be sure to check out my want list and then claim the Stack if you are interested!