Friday, January 18, 2013

Group Break: The End of the Pennant Box

It's finally here - the end of the sixth (and final) box of the group break!  We have two more packs from the 2005 UD Pennants box.  After that (tomorrow most likely), there are some "bonus" packs of Americana to divvy up among the teams without a relic, autograph, or card seeded 1 per box (or rarer).  For now though, there's two more packs of UD Penntants.

Pack 19:
22.  Duke Snider - Dodgers
25.  Eddie Murray - Orioles
28. Fergie Jenkins - Cubs

42.  Jim Palmer - Orioles
54.  Luis Tiant - Red Sox

I'm giving the pack win to the Orioles but the best photo in the pack goes to Jenkins of the Cubs.  I love the image!

Pack 20:
2.  Al Rosen - Indians
19.  Don Larsen - Yankees

26.  Enos Slaughter - Cardinals
32.  Gary Carter - Mets
63.  Pee Wee Reese - Dodgers

There were quite a few nice photos in this pack.  However, since I could only choose one I went with the Larsen.  For some reason, I enjoy the steel girders in the background - very old-timey if you ask me.  The final pack win goes to the Yankees (giving them five for the break).


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