Monday, March 18, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 1

Welcome to American Heritage Week!  As you may remember, I managed to finish off my 2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes set thanks to a Check Out My Cards purchase.  I figured it would be a fun task (at least for me) to scan each of the pages of the set and see what sort of bits of American History I could learn.  

As a logical jumping off point, we begin with the first 9 cards in the set:

Best photo:  Molly Pitcher
There's something sexy about a woman stuffing a canon, don't you think?

Best subject:  Ulysses S. Grant
The back of his card says he was once fined $20 for riding his horse too fast.

Best surprise:  George McClellan
Seriously, who's the woman on his card?  The back of the card makes no mention of womenfolk.

Best card back:  Bud Day
I didn't know anything about Day so his card back was the most informative to me.  The guy was the only American POW to escape from North Vietnam (but he ended up re-captured in South Vietnam).

Best card:  Molly Pitcher
Between the front photo, the back write-up, and the "non traditional subject", Molly wins best card out of the first page in the set.  It's also true that Molly Pitcher may not have been a specific person at all which makes the subject unique among the first nine cards.


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