Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 11

Page 11 houses cards 91-99 in the set.  That's 99 glorious cards detailing many different facets of American Heritage!

Pack 11:

Best photo:  Ralph Ellison
Of all the pages so far, this particular page of authors has got to be the most boring bunch of photos.  The best photo award came down to Ellison and his stereotypical bookshelf and Rachel Carson with her super-muted photo.

Best subject:  Upton Sinclair
I think Sinclair is the most famous of the names (except maybe Sinclair) to most high school students.  For that, I give him the nod.

Best surprise:  Rachel Carson
I had never heard of Carson or her work, something that I can't say for the rest of the subjects (yay education!)...

Best card back:  William Lloyd Garrison
Actual quote by Garrison on the back of his card:  "I do not wish to think, or to speak, or write, with moderation.  No!  No!...I WILL BE HEARD."

Best card:  William Lloyd Garrison
In a page devoid of great photos (along with a bunch of subjects that are relatively similar in terms of achievements), Garrison wins best card on the page thanks to his spectacular quote.  He will be heard!


Hackenbush said...

Funny to see Nellie Bly here. I'm in the middle of reading a great book that chronicles her trip around the globe for The World newspaper in 1889, Eighty Days:Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Blisland's History Making Race Around the World, by Matthew Goodman.

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