Friday, May 17, 2013

When A Letter Begins "I was cleaning out cards and..." (Part 4)

Note:  This is part 4 of a trade package from blog reader David.  If you missed part 3, you can find it here.

We are approaching the end of the trade package (a four part series will do that I suppose) but the goodies haven't all been revealed quite yet!  To begin today's post, we start with some more autographs.  David sent me a pair of Reds autos - one being Frank Pastore and the other being Jeff Reed (who has a great last name).

I must say, while the 1989 Fleer set is fairly drab it looks quite nice with an autograph on it!

David also sent me some other autographs that were interesting including one of Anna Meyer - a woman who signed a contract with the AAGBPL in 1944 when she was only 15 years old!

Moving back to the men's professional league, there were three Diamond Signatures in the trade package.

All three of the cards are extremely nice looking - and great autographs too!  I'm not sure why the last card got cut off - I guess my scanning abilities aren't all that great.

We end today's post with a couple more cards.

The first being a player that I knew nothing about - but I love the card.

It turns out the card is from Gary Cieadkowski's Infinite Baseball Card set.  You can find his write-up of this particular card on his blog post here.  I'd love to get a Barry Larkin card done in this style of card - even if it is an unofficial card!

Finally, we end with an official card from a card company that I miss a lot.  Pacific!

There's so much awesome here that I don't know where to begin.  Clear blue acetate?  Bats splitting open an ivy covered brick wall?  A player hiding?  A hidden team logo at the bottom?  It's superb.

In fact, this card is so much fun that I now want to track down a box of 2000 Pacific Invincible.  The question is, where could I find such a thing?

Thanks for the great trade package David - and although I've shown tons of cool stuff already, I promise the best is still yet to come!  Stay tuned.


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