Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Final Nine.

We are now down to the final nine packs of the group break!  In order to make things a bit more fun over the final few packs, I've decided to do one pack per post - but I'll have more posts throughout the day.  That way, between today and Friday you'll get plenty of things to read (plus pretty pictures to stare at) AND we should have the group break completed before the weekend!  Enjoy the final nine!

Pack 28:
Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
Dominic Brown - Phillies
Chris Iannetta - Angels
Torii Hunter - Tigers
Zack Greinke - Dodgers
Francisco Cervelli - Yankees

Alex Presley - Pirates
Ryan Hanigan - Reds

Hanley Ramirez - Dodgers

WBC-14.  World Baseball Classic:  David Wright - USA (Mets)

As a set collector, most of the group break posts made feel a bit dirty since I never had the opportunity to scan base cards!  Happily, with single pack posts I have room to include a few base photos!  For this pack, there were a pair of wonderful horizontal cards - and even though I don't like the Yankees I happen to like the celebratory Cervelli card quite a bit!  Good stuff all around.


Sean said...

That Ryan Hanigan card is beautiful

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