Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gint-a-Cuffs V: The Summer is Over!

I've opened four packs (and my box loader) and tallied a total of 35 points.  Can I increase my per pack average?  I'm going to have to since I'm currently on pace for about 218 points which I doubt will be enough.

Pack 5:
43.  Hunter Pence
168.  Jesus Montero
209.  Ike Davis
225.  David Wright (+2 favorite player list)

284.  Will Clark
333.  John Kurk (+2 short print)

MM-GD.  Gladiators (+3 - Martial Mastery)

Black border mini:  269.  Tom Seaver (+3 black bordered mini)

Pack total:  10 points
Running total:  46

If I can average 10 points per pack I should be in the running for Gint-a-Cuffs (unless someone opens up a box with something super awesome in it)!

Pack 6:
97.  Tony Gwynn
162.  Ivan Nova (-1 - Yankees suck)

202.  Angel Pagan
205.  Justin Verlander
262.  Jean Segura
270.  James Shields
ATY-JMR.  Joe Mauer (+2 Across the Years, +2 favorite player list = +4 total)

TFA-SX.  Sioux  (+3 - First Americans mini)

Pack total:  6 points
Running total:  52 points

Well, so much for getting to a 10 point per pack average.  Yankees really suck the fun out of all things baseball, don't they?

Speaking of having the fun sucked out of things, today marked the first "official" day of school for me.  Well, to be more precise classes start next Monday but we always have our "State of the College" address on the Tuesday before classes begin.  Needless to say, today marks the official end of summertime fun for me - now it's a mad dash to get ready for the next semester before the first freshman stumble into the classroom on Monday morning.


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