Monday, September 23, 2013

Group Break Packs: So Many Cards!

The group break has been going on for about a week - it's time to kick it into a higher gear this week so that the break doesn't drag on until Thanksgiving (or at least Halloween).  I'm going to blast through a few packs of 1993 Upper Deck without typing up each and every card (we are already starting to see quite a few duplicates).  However, I will include a scan of my favorite cards from each of the packs just so you can have something fun to look at!

The things I do for you all.

Pack 7:

The pack 7 Homerun Heroes insert was of Danny Tartabull of the Yankees.  I think the Pacific Sock Exchange (great card name) is my favorite card out of the pack though!

Pack 8:

The pack 8 Homerun Heroes insert was of Darren Daulton of the Phillies.  If my count isn't mistaken, that's the fourth insert/short print for the Phillies in the break.  They are our current leader in that category according to my records.

Pack 9:

The pack 9 Homerun Heroes insert was of Ken Griffey Jr. of the Mariners.  I believe I've pulled quite a few Griffey's during this break already (which is a good thing)!  The pack also had one of the Willie Mays Baseball Heroes insert - this time for the Mets since the card highlights his trade to the Mets.

Pack 10:

Pack 10 was pretty dull - almost all the cards seemed to be repeats from previous packs.  However, we did get one new card - a Homerun Heroes insert of Greg Vaughn for the Brewers.  This is Milwaukee's first insert/short print of the break according to my records.

Pack 11:

The final pack (for this post) brought the Orioles a Homerun Heroes insert card of Mike Devereaux.  I don't think Mike is in quite the same category as some of the other players in the Homerun Heroes set (such as Griffey Jr.).  Then again, not many people are in Griffey's category so that might not be a fair statement to Mr. Devereaux.



Cool ! I need that Mark Whiten card.

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