Thursday, October 03, 2013

Between a Bullet and a Target

But what you've done here
Is put yourself between a bullet and a target
And it won't be long before
You're pulling yourself away
Yeah, I don't know what that has to do with anything either, but it's what is currently playing on my Pandora radio station.  I have to admit, the lyrics work on a lot of different levels.  The song in question is by Citizen Cope.  Don't worry, I had never heard of them either until their song popped up on my Pandora station.  Now, why did I choose to lead with those lines?  Well, besides the obvious need for some sort of writing prompt for what is ultimately yet another pack rip for the current group break, I think the lyrics basically sum up my current place in life nicely.

As many of you know (since I've mentioned it plenty of times on the blog), I'm a college professor.  Unfortunately, I only possess a master's degree - and at my four year institution, a Ph.D. is what is required for tenured faculty (at least in mathematics).  At the moment, I'm in my last (or maybe second-to-last depending on who you believe) year in which I can work at my current place of employment and not be granted de facto tenure.  Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want tenure (after all, who doesn't want a little job security in this day and age) - but I'd also be perfectly willing to continue doing what I'm doing without tenure if it makes other people happy.  By all accounts, the school likes me.  The students seem to like me.  I think the other professors like me.  The administration seems to like me, or at the very least, tolerate me.  So what's the deal?

The deal is the (archaic) expectation that the only good professor is one who has a Ph.D.  I couldn't disagree more - and that's coming from my experiences as a student as much as it is coming from my place in life right now.

Anyhow, I try not to let my personal life (and worries) interfere with the blog.  In fact, I do my best to basically keep most of my personal life off the blog entirely - I'm a naturally introverted person I believe.  However, the lyrics from the above song struck me - and there you go.  Plus, what a nice little writing prompt...even if I didn't get anywhere it does feel good to at least get a bit of that stress off my chest.

Now.  Let's relieve your stress - that is, the stress of "will I get any more cards in this seemingly never ending group break."  It's not the worst stress to have, but stress is stress.  I'm here to help.  Here's your next bunch of packs (from Skybox Dominion).

Pack 23:
K. Peterson & K. Barker - Brewers
Darren Dreifort - Dodgers
Cristian Guzman - Twins
Russ Ortiz - Giants

Not every card has to have an amazing action shot in order for it to be a compelling piece of cardboard.
Roberto Alomar - Indians
Juan Encarnacion - Tigers
Eric Milton - Twins
Derek Jeter - Yankees
Rafael Palmeiro - Rangers
11 of 20 NE.  New Era:  Erubiel Durazo - Diamondbacks

I've always wanted to visit the Diamondbacks ballpark.  Unfortunately, getting to AZ from central PA is a bit of a difficult piece of logistics.

Pack 24:
Roger Cedeno - Mets
Jeremy Giambi - Royals

I feel like this photo sums up the Royals' existence for most of the late 90s and early 00s.
E. Gagne & J. Williams - Dodgers
Moises Alou - Astros
Ben Davis - Padres
Brian Giles - Pirates
M. Ramirez (Indians) & M. McGwire (Cardinals)
This is the second one of this card so each team (Cleveland and St. Louis) will get one copy.  That's nice - I hate having to use the randomizer!
Sammy Sosa - Cubs

Ismael Valdes - Dodgers
Vinny Castilla - Rockies

That'll do for this morning.  We are rapidly approaching the end of the Dominion box - an impressive feat considering it has 36 packs!


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