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Blogger Bracket Challenge: Round 1 Is Over - Now It Is Time to Vote!!

Round 1 of the Blogger Bracket Challenge is officially over!  At this point, it's time to read all the entries (if you haven't already) and then vote for your favorite (use the polls on the right of my blog).  For your viewing pleasure, here are the various groups and links to their entries.  We had everyone except one person complete an entry (and the one missing entry was in a group of three) which means we have lots of voting to do!  Please vote for your favorite post for each group using the sidebar on the right.

Remember:  This is a vote for your favorite post.  Not for your favorite blogger, best writer, or anything else.  It's simply a post-vs-post showdown (or in a few cases, a post-vs-post-vs-post showdown).  This is a goodnatured contest meant to inspire fun, creative posts and a sense of community - so please keep things civil and upbeat.  With that said, by all means use your own blog, twitter, etc. to encourage people to vote for you - by spreading the word about the great work on the various blogs, we all win!

Group A:
Prompt:  Ken Caminiti
Play at the Plate
shlabotnikreport (no post = eliminated)

Group B:
Prompt:  Jose Canseco 
Al Kawamoto

Group C:
Prompt:  John Burkett
McCann Can Triple
The Junior Junkie

Group D:
Prompt:  Doug Jones
The Diamond King
The Prowling Cat

Group E:
Prompt:  Craig Paquette 
Backstop Cards

Group F:
Prompt:  Juan Uribe
Red Cardboard

Group G:
Prompt:  Trevor Hoffman 
Brad's Blog

Group H:
Prompt:  Jose Lima 
Stealing Home
J. Meeks

As you can see, we had a ton of great entries - this should be a fun, spirited vote!  You may, of course, advertise on your blog and ask (or beg) your viewers to vote for your entry.  However, please keep everything positive - at the end of the contest there will be only one official "winner" but really we all win because we are fighting writer's block AND getting some great (oftentimes hilarious) entries to read over the entire length of the contest!


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