Friday, December 20, 2013

Do You Have a Pack Stash?

I'm curious if anyone out there keeps their own personal "pack stash" for days when you feel like opening up a pack (or when you have nothing to blog about *ahem*)?  I try to keep a stack on hand - but I'm awful at not opening up packs when I get them which means my pack stash is down to a mere five packs at the moment.

What five do I have on reserve?

We'll go oldest to newest...

1988 Fleer:

I like the '88 Fleer wrapper because it's actually waxy.  Kids these days know that packs are referred to as wax packs but they probably have no idea why the word "wax" is there.  Poor kids.

1988 Topps:

Another wax pack that I happen to have (this one has bubble gum too - yum!).  I think it's probably too late to win that trip to the 1989 Spring Training game though.

1991 Score:

I actually only recently completed the 1991 Score set - so I never had a reason to open up this pack.  In fact, the first three (out of five) packs in my stash are sets that I believe I have complete already.  In the time before inserts galore, there's not a lot of excitement to be found in packs where you've already completed the base set.  That said, opening any one of these packs will help ease the itch of wanting to open up some cards at least (and hence the reason for the stash in the first place).

1991 Fleer Ultra:

Finally, we get to a set that I don't have complete.  In fact, I'm actually looking forward to opening up this pack - it's probably the only pack of 1991 Fleer Ultra that I'll ever open (unless I find another one of these packs in a repack box of some sort).

2006 Fleer Ultra:

This is a "Super Value" pack which contains 30 cards plus 2 exclusive Fleer Ultra star cards.  Since the star cards are visible on the back of the pack (it's clear celaphane on the back), I know my stars are Roger Clemens and Mariano Rivera - I can't think of many other stars that would make me less likely to buy a pack on my own...  That said, this still is a pack that I'm looking forward to busting - it also helps that Griffey Jr. (as a Red) is on the front of the pack!

Now that you've seen my pack stash, I'd love to hear about yours!  I'll also say that I plan to open one of the five packs in my stash for tonight's post on my blog.  Which pack will it be?  Stay tuned to find out!


Fuji said...

I have a few oddball packs laying around that I will bust from time to time. I mainly picked them up for A Pack To Be Named Later posts.

As weird as this sounds... I actually have a box stash too. I have several 1983 Fleer boxes (bought them in hopes of building a hand collated set... but ended up picking up a complete set off a guy for $25... which is a lot cheaper than I paid for the wax boxes), a 1982 Topps box, a 1991 Upper Deck Comic Ball box, and a few more football, basketball, and hockey boxes.

Chris said...

I am usually unable to even get home before I open packs that I have purchased, so there is really no chance of an unopened pack lasting more than a few minutes inside my house. I do not have a pack stash.

Cards from the Quarry said...

With baseball packs I always open them immediately. I have no self control with them, even the ones that I have already completed sets for, I still can't not open them.

I do have about 10-20 non sports packs that I got from an online order that I have never opened.

JediJeff said...

I rip immediately. IN THE CAR!!!! Though, I have a couple junk wax rack packs at home right now unopened. But the only reason is I plan to send the packs to a couple bloggers.

night owl said...

Packs are made for opening. "Pack stash" is an oxymoron.

Sean said...

Sounds like a good idea but I do not have the discipline to keep an unopened pile of packs laying around. When I get cards on Chrismas, I try to limit myself by watching the basketball games and only opening one pack during each commercial break.

Laurens said...

I want a pack stash but I have to see what is inside or else it's like why bother hoarding mostly junk wax.

Wilson said...

I don't really have an intentional pack stash, but I do buy blasters or boxes that I don't open right away. Usually it's because Dave and Adam's had a sale, so I wanted to buy a few boxes now, but I have other opened cards sitting around to organize, and I want to take care of those first. One box has actually been in the stash for almost a year, since I don't necessarily treat it as first-in-first-out.

dayf said...

I've stashed away an unopened pack from every Topps set I can find to go with the set. I don't have anything before 1982 and I've been lax about anything after the '90s.

I do have a 1988 Topps cello pack that I'm tempted to open because I still need one dang card from the set (how is that even possible)

Hackenbush said...

Um, Yeah.

roddster said...

I can't resist the temptation of a sealed pack. Once it's in my possession consider it opened.

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