Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Next Box to be Opened Here at Nachos Grande!

As you may recall, I had a HUGE Christmas jackpot in terms of baseball cards.  I already busted one full box (the 1998 Sports Illustrated box).  Now, it's time to turn our attention to the second box to be busted.

**Drum roll**




It's 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice!

The set contains 530 cards so this 360 card box won't come close to completing the set for me...even with perfect collation.  The box also (rather loudly) totes the "You Crash the Game" promotion.  According to baseballcardpedia, there are a few "winning" cards to be found (I've copied the information directly from baseballcardpedia for my use as I open the box over the upcoming days):

You Crash the GameThe 60-card interactive set features three cards of 20 players, each with a different date on it. If the player hit a home run on that date, the collector could redeem the card for an enhanced set of all 20 players. The expiration date for redeeming these cards was February 1, 1996. Winning cards eligible for redemption at that time have been highlighted with a "W" in our listings below.
All cards were also available in a rarer Gold parallel.
CG1A Jeff Bagwell
CG1B Jeff Bagwell 8/13
CG1C Jeff Bagwell 9/28
CG2A Albert Belle
CG2B Albert Belle 8/26
CG2C Albert Belle 9/20
CG3A Barry Bonds
CG3B Barry Bonds 7/9
CG3C Barry Bonds 9/6
CG4A Jose Canseco
CG4B Jose Canseco 7/30 W
CG4C Jose Canseco 9/3
CG5A Joe Carter
CG5B Joe Carter 8/9
CG5C Joe Carter 9/23
CG6A Cecil Fielder
CG6B Cecil Fielder 8/2
CG6C Cecil Fielder 10/1
CG7A Juan Gonzalez
CG7B Juan Gonzalez 8/13
CG7C Juan Gonzalez 9/3 W
CG8A Ken Griffey, Jr.
CG8B Ken Griffey, Jr. 8/24W
CG8C Ken Griffey, Jr. 9/15
CG9A Bob Hamelin
CG9B Bob Hamelin 8/1
CG9C Bob Hamelin 9/29
CG10A Dave Justice
CG10B Dave Justice 7/25
CG10C Dave Justice 9/17
CG11A Ryan Klesko
CG11B Ryan Klesko 8/20
CG11C Ryan Klesko 9/10
CG12A Fred McGriff
CG12B Fred McGriff 9/8
CG12C Fred McGriff 9/24
CG13A Mark McGwire
CG13B Mark McGwire 8/3 W
CG13C Mark McGwire 9/27
CG14A Raul Mondesi
CG14B Raul Mondesi 8/13
CG14C Raul Mondesi 9/15 W
CG15A Mike Piazza
CG15B Mike Piazza 8/27 W
CG15C Mike Piazza 9/19
CG16A Manny Ramirez
CG16B Manny Ramirez 8/13
CG16C Manny Ramirez 9/26
CG17A Alex Rodriguez 9/10
CG17B Alex Rodriguez 9/18
CG17C Alex Rodriguez 9/24
CG18A Gary Sheffield
CG18B Gary Sheffield 8/13
CG18C Gary Sheffield 9/4 W
CG19A Frank Thomas
CG19B Frank Thomas 8/17
CG19C Frank Thomas 9/23
CG20A Matt Williams
CG20B Matt Williams 8/12
CG20C Matt Williams 9/19
Will I find a winning card almost twenty years too late?  We'll have to wait and see.
Speaking of seeing, how about the fine print?

Sorry residents of Floriday, Puerto Rico, and Quebec, you can't win.  What an odd selection of places to disqualify.  

I will, of course, be hoping to pull one of the Barry Larkin silver signature parallels as well as one of the gold signature parallels.  That's not too much to ask, is it?


roddster said...

I really liked the 'You Crash the Game' promotion. I too learned about it well after the expiration date. I have in my collection one of the Fred McGriff's. I think it would be cool if companies did more promotions like this one. It's an excellent way to tie together card collecting and what's actually going on in the game of baseball.

Ana Lu said...

I got some '96 Collector's Choice and I discovered a new world. Those were the sets! Enjoying your posts!

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