Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Group Break Topps Tek Goodness - Including a Card Numbered 10/10!

The 2000 Topps Tek set features a 45 player checklist - with each player having 15 common designs plus an addition 5 rarer designs.  For the first time in the box (I believe), we are about to pull one of the five rarer designs!

Pack 07:
2-7.  Chipper Jones - Braves

17-18.  Carlos Beltran - Royals

This is one of the rarer designs (design #16 - 20 are the rarer ones).  Compare the Beltran to the Chipper card and you can see this is one of the color variations!  Based on the pack, I believe these are seeded 1:10 packs but I might be incorrect about that!
18-2.  Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
24-3.  Frank Thomas - White Sox

That's a pretty star studded pack if you ask me - it's pack like this that make Topps Tek look like a great idea.  Other packs with the likes of Corey Patterson or Adam Piatt make you wonder why anyone would ever want that many different versions of the same player!

Pack 08:
21-8.  J.D. Drew - Cardinals
33-6.  Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox
I like the design with the team logo in the background a lot - it's much better than some of the other designs (such as having the player's home town in the background or HTA logo).
34-5.  Alex Rodriguez - Mariners
43-2.  Josh Girdley - Expos #10/10

Normally, I wouldn't get all that excited about pulling a Josh Girdley card...but this particular card is one of the sequentially numbered Tek Die-Cut Gold parallel cards - even better, it's numbered 10/10 on the back!  

The Nationals/Expos (actually only Expos in this break) slot was one of the worst slots up until now...but I think this card boosts the Expos slot up quite a bit in terms of slot rankings!  A big congrats to Jaybarkerfan who claimed the slot...and in exchange for that ends up with a card numbered 10/10!  By the way, it appears the die-cut gold parallels are seeded 1:42 packs so this is another great pull for the break!


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