Monday, February 10, 2014

The Group Break Begins! Topps Tek Packs #1 & 2!

Alright, enough of the begging!  The group sign-ups are officially closed - and it's time to get rippin'!

I already opened one pack of Topps Stadium Club Chrome as a preview for the break - so this post actually marks the second such pack rip post.  However, in an effort to keep things fresh, I'll be mixing up the boxes as time goes on - so for tonight, we turn our attention to the 2000 Topps Tek box.

I know a lot of people love the Tek set - personally, I'm not entirely sold on it (but it does make for a fun group break bust)!  I believe Barry Larkin was featured in a different year of if there's any box I'd consider tracking down for myself, it'd be whatever year that is.  For 2000 though, Larkin isn't featured to the best of my knowledge - but let's see who is!

2000 Topps Tek:
Pack 1:
4 - 13.  Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
28 - 6.  Rick Ankiel - Cardinals

36 - 1.  Adam Piatt - Athletics
42 - 4.  John Sneed - Blue Jays #1515/2000

One pack into the box and we already found a serially numbered card!  That's a pretty solid start to the group break if you ask me!

Pack 2:
3 - 5.  Juan Gonzalez - Tigers

19 - 7.  Jeff Bagwell - Astros
36 -2 .  Adam Piatt - Athletics
42 - 15.  John Sneed - Blue Jays #0146/2000

It's a John Sneed serially numbered hot box!  (I'm not sure that's a good thing.)

The Topps Tek set is numbered funny - the first number is the player number, the second number is the pattern number.  As you can see, the two Piatts and the two Sneeds both had the same player number but a different pattern number - which means they are different cards...and it means there are 15 different (common) patterns to collect for each player.  In addition, there are another 5 patterns that are much harder to find (pattern numbers 16-20).  That's confusing isn't it?


Tony L. said...

Cool, picking the Blue Jays got me two serial numbered cards. But who the hell is John Sneed?

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