Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Different New Pack for 2014!

Over the past few days, I've posted the findings of a few rack packs of 2014 Topps Heritage.  Two of the four packs that I've opened were courtesy of my wife - she actually found Heritage before I did.  Amazingly, she also found the first LEGO Collectible The LEGO Movie minifigure pack for me as well (which is actually the only such pack that I've opened from that series).  What can I say?  My wife is pretty awesome!

As far as the LEGO Movie Minifigure goes, I ended up with the movie's main villain:  President Business.

President Business comes with an Octan cup (LEGO's "oil business" for many, many years' worth of sets).  He also has a rather unique hair sculpt that I'm not sure will ever be terribly useful for a different figure.  His suit and tie print is nice though - certainly captures the idea of a businessman!

President Business was thanks to my wife - the next few minifigures are all thanks to Listia and eBay.  I spent most of my available Listia credits picking up three new figures for my collection (all from Series 3)!

We'll begin our tour through the Listia minfigs with the Traffic Cop.

The Traffic Cop comes complete with both handcuffs and a speeding ticket (printed, no stickers which is nice).

He also has some sweet shades to go with that helmet.

The next figure that I nabbed from Series 3 was kind of boring - but as a collector I "gotta have 'em all!"

This is the pilot - and he's decidedly old school looking.  He also is wearing a parachute which makes me question his piloting abilities quite a bit.  I guess a wicked mustache doesn't automatically qualify you for piloting a bi-plane.  The goggles do flip down which is nice, but still...pretty dull figure.

The final figure that I landed from Series 3 is the Tribal Chief.

This one set me back quite a few credits - but it was worth it since it so rarely seems to show up for sale on Listia!  The figure itself is nice enough but it is the feather headdress that is the work of art!  I don't like the spear much (the grey tipped end is actually the soft, squishy plastic) but that's only a minor quibble.

Finally, because I guess I felt like adding even more figures to my collection all at once, I also perused eBay and found a couple of reasonably priced figures that I still needed.  The first was pretty boring - a Series 10 Highland Warrior.

I have to admit, when I was a kid I would have loved this figure (it would have fit in with all of my Castle sets and minifigures).  However, as an adult I am much more of a collector of LEGO rather than a "player" of LEGO - and so the more interesting figures to me now are the odder (less playable) figures.

The final minifigure also happened to be from Series 3 (I now own a nice chunk of Series 3 - only need 12 out of 16 thanks to the four I picked up in this post)!

This is the second snowboarder that I own (the other being the male snowboarder from Series 5.

All things considered, it felt great to add six more figures to my collection (and simultaneously delete six figures from my want list).  I only wish I could find more of The LEGO Movie minifigure packs near me...having only one such figure from the modern series is embarrassing!


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