Sunday, May 18, 2014

1999 Pacific Private Stock: The Box Bust Begins!

It's time to begin the process of opening up my 1999 Pacific Private Stock box!  I know I'm excited - Pacific stuff is almost always a blast to rip!

Without wasting anymore time chatting, let's get ripping.

Upon ripping open the wrapper, I was greeted with a box topper of sorts.

It's actually a catalog of the various things you could save up for and "purchase" with your Pacific points.  You know, those points that came on the back of various Pacific products pack wrappers?

For instance, the 1999 Private Stock wrappers are worth 4 points each.  According to the catalog, you could spend 60,000 points (plus another 300 points for shipping and handling) and get a 20-card baseball "In the Cage Laser-Cuts" set.

It's actually a cool looking set - but I don't imagine many people racked up the 60,300 necessary points to actually purchase the set.  According to a quick eBay search, those In the Cage inserts still sell for $5 - $15 each.  Definitely not bad for a non-relic, non-auto, non-serially numbered insert set!

Since Pacific is no more, I don't think I'll be carefully clipping those Pacific points.  Instead, I'll just rip the packs and enjoy the contents!

Pack 1:
5.  Juan Gonzalez
45.  Jim Thome
The front of the cards feature a nice shot of the player along with a team logo in the background.  I like the team logo aspect a lot - it's different enough from other sets that it feels original (despite there being nothing original about having a team logo on a baseball card).  You can't tell from the scan but the silver bits are actually shiny foil (which works in the design to make the cards feel a bit more high-end).  Speaking of feeling high-end, the card stock is also really thick (which I also enjoy)!
66.  Ken Caminiti
100.  Trevor Hoffman
141.  Justin Thompson
PS-206.  101.  Randy Johnson
The minis are the same size as Allen & Ginter minis which means they will be easy enough to store in binder pages (a good thing)!  The minis basically look the base cards except they do not have any foil (and the backs are different - something I'll scan in a future post since I didn't think to do so for this particular post)!

Pack 2:
15.  Cal Ripken Jr.
I simply liked this card so I scanned it.  You can't go wrong with a card of the Iron Man!

31.  Tom Glavine
The back of the cards feature a box score where the player did some sort of great feat.  In Glavine's case, he threw a complete game against the Cubs in 1998 where he struck out 10 and gave up a single run.  Getting the full box score is pretty cool - something that sets like Fleer Box Score would later take to another level by actually embedding box scores within the card.

75.  Edgard Clemente
77.  Marty Cordova
95.  Rick Helling
PS-206.  104.  Eric Karros
I know there are about a gazillion Dodger collectors out there so this is just a little eye candy for all of you.

Overall, I like this set quite a bit!  I believe I only ever bought a single pack of this stuff when it was released back in the day (it was undoubtedly way out of my price range - and not nearly enough cards per pack for me back then).  It'll take everything I have to not rip this entire box in one sitting...I'll do my best to spread it out over the week!


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