Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1999 Pacific Private Stock: More Packs but Have I Been Whelmed?

So far, I've busted eight of the 24 packs in the 1999 Pacific Private Stock box and found only 2 duplicate base cards (plus one insert).  I haven't yet discovered a serially-numbered card nor have the Cincinnati Reds been overly well represented (only one so far).  Let's see if I can add to my set with the next two packs.

Pack 9:
9.  Chipper Jones

36.  Andruw Jones
57.  Marvin Benard
89.  Alex Gonzalez
140.  Matt Stairs
PS-206.  75.  Edgard Clemente

Well, a rookie card as the mini is nice enough but who actually wants/needs an Edgard Clemente mini card?  I guess you win some and you lose some.  Let's hope the next pack is a win.

Pack 10:
26.  Barry Bonds

44.  Tim Salmon
99.  Bob Higginson
138.  Gary Sheffield
142. Greg Vaughn
PS-206.  41.  Paul Molitor

I like the Bonds card well enough but the rest of the pack was underwhelming.  

Speaking of that, how can something be underwhelming or overwhelming, but nothing is ever simply whelming?  Actually, a quick Google search proved to me that something can be simply whelming.  

There you go - you learned something here at Nachos Grande after all.

PS:  The Higginson and the Stairs (from the previous pack) were both duplicates in the box.  I've now doubled my duplicate!


Rosenort said...

I would love that Edgard Clemente if you aren't keeping it, I have a bunch of 2013 Chrome for trade.

hiflew said...

Looks like I got beat to the punch, but you found at least two people that want an Edgard Clemente mini.

cynicalbuddha said...

Clemente fight!!!!
I love Private Stock. It was the start of the tobacco mini craze. Of course Topps took the reins in 2002 with it T206 set and on and on. I think Pacific also had a Private Stock hockey set that had mini's, but I might be wrong on that. Good stuff. I'd love any Brewers you pull too that you don't want or need.

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